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Transformation Into Perfect Men! “Pure 100%” TEEN TOP at a Glance

After being rated as the nation’s younger boys with “No More Perfume On You’, 4 months later they have attempted a transformation filled with masculine charms with their 2nd mini album [It’s]. We met up with TEEN TOP who have showed their own “pure 100%” color through their title track “Crazy”

Brave Brothers produced the 2nd mini album. We’ve heard that he’s extremely scary when working so how was it working with him?

Although we had a scary first impression of him but he’s benevolent. He’s only scary when we enter the recording studio (C.A.P) Then who’s the member who got scolded the most? L.Joe! (TEEN TOP) The point of ‘Crazy’ is the rap. So he got scolded a lot (Niel) Every time when we’re recording I was really nervous (L.Joe)

Looking at the mini album this time round the skills of the rappers L.Joe and C.A.P has really improved a lot. And Niel tried to rap in “Where’s ma girl”?

10 Varieties of TEEN TOP “Crazy” Quirky Choreography Topic “What a Hit!”

10 varieties of Teen Top’s title song ‘Crazy’ choreography became a topic amongst netizen.

Recently a variety of communities published topic titles like ‘10 varieties of Teen Top’s Crazy choreography set’ on bulletin boards.

Revealed in bulletin boards were Communicating With Aliens Through Putting On Headsets-like Dance, Pelvic Dance: capturing noona’s hearts with their splendid turning of hips movement, from taking selca-like moves came Sexy Selca Dance, Putting-On-&-Taking-Off-Hood Magic Show Dance, from Changjo’s solo dance came the Piano Dance, Coming-Out-From-Behind Dance, Ambiguous Dance, Feet-Kicking Dance etc.. and other quick-witted and eye-catching dance names .

They also received a variety of netizen responses like ‘Now when I’m watching broadcast I will be guessing and matching their choreography names.’, ‘It’ll be good if they made a heck Dance.’ etc..

K-pop artists receive six RIAJ hard copy sales certifications for December 2011

Via tokyohive:

The Recording Industry Association of Japan (or ‘RIAJ’) has just released their hard copy sales certifications for the month of December 2011.  It should come as no surprise that albums from some of today’s most popular K-pop stars received certifications. CDs & DVDs from Girls’ Generation, KARA, Super Junior, 2PM, and Shinee obtained certifications last month.

This certification is based off the total numbers of CDs and DVDs sold to retailers.

RIAJ hands out these awards based on the following standards:

Gold – 100,000 units sold
Platinum – 250,000 units sold; Double Platinum – 500,000 units sold; Triple Platinum – 750,000 units sold
Million – 1,000,000 units sold; 2 Million – 2,000,000 units sold; 3 Million – 3,000,000 units sold
4 Million – 4,000,000 units sold; 5 Million – 5,000,000 units sold


‘Dream High 2′ reveals full cast in new poster

On January 15th, KBS 2TV’s upcoming teenage drama ‘Dream High 2’ shared a new poster with all 16 of its cast members.

As reported earlier, the students of ‘Kirin Arts High School’ were revealed to be actress Kang Sora, 2AM‘s Jinwoon, T-ara‘s Jiyeon, and SISTAR‘s Hyorin. Joining them are new names JBPark Seo Joon, Yoo So Young, Kim Ji Soo, Ailee, Jr, and Jung Yeon Joo.

Meanwhile, the teachers will be played by J.Y. Park, Kim Jung Tae, Kwon Tae Hyo, Choi Yeo Jin, and After School‘s Kahi.

The drama team has also revealed some new character profiles, such as ‘Park Soon Dong’ (Yoo So Young) and ‘Park Hong Joo’ (Kim Ji Soo). Park Soon Dong is a dorky girl who believes that she can communicate with ghosts, while ‘Park Hong Joo’ is a poet who’s perfect in every way, except for his face.


CNBLUE receives cell phones for their two year anniversary

Pop rock band CNBLUE are celebrating their two-year anniversary!

On January 14th, leader Jung Yonghwa wrote a long message of thanks to their fans via CNBLUE’s Twitter.

It’s already been two years, he said. “I remember when we were recording and getting ready for our showcase two years ago. I can’t believe that time has passed so quickly, and I know that we still have a long way to go.

He continued, To the fans who have been with us for two years — Thank you so much for supporting us, and we hope that you will stick with us till the end. We will be back with a new album soon, so please support us and give us lots of love. To my bandmates Jong Hyun, Jung Shin, Min Hyuk – let’s continue to work hard!


Malaysian politician retweets Big Bang’s Love Song MV

Big Bang

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (@anwaribrahim) is the Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and currently, he is Member of Parliament P44 Permatang Pauh and Opposition Leader, Malaysia.


Shaun Evaristo in Korea for Big Bang’s Comeback