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Rookie boy group NU’EST reveals the face of their leader, JR

On January 18th, new rookie group NU’EST (formerly known as the ‘Pledis Boys‘) revealed the face of their leader, JR!


B.A.P reveals jacket photos for Himchan & Young Jae

B.A.P. revealed the album jacket photos for their last two members recently. The group, including Bang Yong Guk, Dae Hyun, Zelo, Jong Up, released pictures for Himchan and Young Jae.


Still photos of JYP trainee “JB” from ‘Dream High 2′ revealed

Still cuts of JB, the leader of fictional top idol group EDEN in the ‘Dream High 2‘ drama series have been revealed, earning the interest of netizens everywhere.

The still cuts are from a scene in which JB runs into his rival, Jin Yoo Jin (2AM‘s Jung Jinwoon). The passer-byers who caught a glimpse of JB’s charismatic gaze during the shoot reportedly could not take their eyes off of him.

JB is trying his hand at acting for the very first time through ‘Dream High 2′, and he is a talented JYP Entertainment trainee who won first place at the 5th JYP auditions. The JYP auditions are highly competitive, and it is one in which 2PM‘s Wooyoung who played the role of ‘Jason’ in ‘Dream High‘ had also claimed victory through the 1st JYP auditions.

JB who is starring in the drama using his real name and showcased a wide spectrum of talents including singing, dance, rap and acting. He also possess both adorable charms along with a tough, masculine charisma, tugging the hearts of fan girls everywhere.


SHINee’s Minho becomes a gallant gentleman for 2NE1′s Sandara Park

SHINee‘s Minho is much beloved for his talents, but now his appeal got kicked up another notch after netizens espied his chivalrous manners towards 2NE1‘s Sandara Park.

Snapshots from an Etude commercial shoot were shared online under the title, Minho taking care of Sandara. It’s heartwarming”.

Reportedly, the two stars were on standby, but Minho kept active by ensuring that Sandara was protected from the cold. Minho was seen putting a jacket on Sandara several different times, as the photos show him wearing different outfits. Sandara looks a bit taken aback by Minho’s manners, who is actually seven years younger than her.

Prior to this incident, Sandara had previously mentioned on SBS‘s ’Strong Heart‘ that I like younger boyfriends. I’d like it if he would have a cute appearance but have a masculine, tough personality.” It seems that without knowing it, she went on to describe SHINee’s Minho indirectly.


YG announces Big Bang comeback, but what about the new girl group?

YG Entertainment, home to some of K-Pop’s most iconic idols, has announced that none other than Big Bang will be making their return this February. Although the news has stirred up an overwhelming haze of anticipation among fans and the like, the news has also posed a question as to the plans for YG’s elusive girl group project, announced last July.


SM releases tenth EXO teaser, featuring Lay

SM Entertainment has just released the tenth official video teaser for upcoming group EXO introducing its newest member, Lay!


‘Pledis Boys’ reveal their official name: NU’EST!

Pledis Entertainment has finally revealed the name of their newest boy group!


B.A.P releases jacket photos of Zelo & Jong Up

Following yesterday’s jacket photo releases for Bang Young Gook and Dae Hyun, B.A.P has just revealed new concept photos of members Zelo and Jong Up!


YG Entertainment’s Stylist Reveals Secret to Big Bang’s Fashion

It’s been reported that YG Entertainment’s stylist, Ji Eun, gave a special lecture at the Seoul Art Technical College. During the guest lecture, Ji Eun stated, “For idol groups, it’s important to respect each member’s preference and express their distinct characteristics.”
She added, “For example, Big Bang’s TOP doesn’t like revealing clothes, so we avoid them entirely.”

Regarding Daesung, she revealed, “We try to find the right outfits and styles that accentuate Daesung’s biceps.”

When styling YG’s artists for a concert, she takes into consideration the overall flow of the concert, when each song will be performed, when each artist make his/her appearance, etc. She emphasized that the stylists try to contrast the artists’ concepts from the beginning and the end of the show.


Big Bang-designed headphones to be released in Japan this February

Big Bang In addition to the original black models of the new Soul by Ludacris earphones, the Big Bang designed series, namely Dragon Red and TOP Green will be released in Japan in February of this year.


Famous Celebrity Choreographer Laurieann Gibson tweets about BIGBANG?

bigbangupdates>>>>NOTE: Laurieann Gibson is a famous choreographer known for working with Lady Gaga, Diddy & Keri Hilson. She was recognized for her appearance at Diddy’s “Making The Band”


YG confirms Big Bang’s comeback this February

Big Bang will soon be making a big comeback!


Block B to Hold a Showcase in Thailand

January 17, 2012

After having held successful showcases in Korea, Japan, and Singapore, Block B is set to have their next showcase in Thailand.

    Showcase Information

    When: January 28, 2012 3-6pm

    Where :  LED CLUB RCA

    Ticket Price : 1500baht (limited to 400 people only). CD +   Fansign included