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Still photos of JYP trainee “JB” from ‘Dream High 2′ revealed

Still cuts of JB, the leader of fictional top idol group EDEN in the ‘Dream High 2‘ drama series have been revealed, earning the interest of netizens everywhere.

The still cuts are from a scene in which JB runs into his rival, Jin Yoo Jin (2AM‘s Jung Jinwoon). The passer-byers who caught a glimpse of JB’s charismatic gaze during the shoot reportedly could not take their eyes off of him.

JB is trying his hand at acting for the very first time through ‘Dream High 2′, and he is a talented JYP Entertainment trainee who won first place at the 5th JYP auditions. The JYP auditions are highly competitive, and it is one in which 2PM‘s Wooyoung who played the role of ‘Jason’ in ‘Dream High‘ had also claimed victory through the 1st JYP auditions.

JB who is starring in the drama using his real name and showcased a wide spectrum of talents including singing, dance, rap and acting. He also possess both adorable charms along with a tough, masculine charisma, tugging the hearts of fan girls everywhere.

JB remarked, I’m so honored to be able to greet the viewers for the very first time though such a big project. I’m really nervous because it’s my first time and I know I’m lacking in so many ways, but my co-stars are a big help and I am enjoying myself on set.

The first episode of ‘Dream High 2′ airs on January 30th.


Source & Image: TVDaily | allkpop

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  2. lee Hyue Ji

    good looking..
    good actor..

    February 17, 2012 at 9:08 am

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