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YG Entertainment’s Stylist Reveals Secret to Big Bang’s Fashion

It’s been reported that YG Entertainment’s stylist, Ji Eun, gave a special lecture at the Seoul Art Technical College. During the guest lecture, Ji Eun stated, “For idol groups, it’s important to respect each member’s preference and express their distinct characteristics.”
She added, “For example, Big Bang’s TOP doesn’t like revealing clothes, so we avoid them entirely.”

Regarding Daesung, she revealed, “We try to find the right outfits and styles that accentuate Daesung’s biceps.”

When styling YG’s artists for a concert, she takes into consideration the overall flow of the concert, when each song will be performed, when each artist make his/her appearance, etc. She emphasized that the stylists try to contrast the artists’ concepts from the beginning and the end of the show.

Ji Eun has been in charge of styling Jinusean, 1TYM, Gummy, Big Bang, and other YG artists since the beginning of YG Entertainment.


Source: Soompi | bigbangupdates

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