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Big Bang and JYJ, most wanted on TV for Lunar New Year holiday

An online lecture website conducted a survey on “Which boy bands are most wanted on TV during the Lunar New Year’s holiday?”. The survey had 1173 participants.

The survey results placed Big Bang at first place with 556 votes which was 48% of all the votes. JYJ came in second with 173 votes (15% of all the votes).

It was commented that, “It has been a long time since Big Bang appeared on TV. Even at the music awards ceremonies held at the end of the year, Big Bang did not make an appearance, because of some problems. Therefore, the fans are hoping to see the group at least during the Lunar New Year’s day.”

Also, for JYJ, it was said that, “Because it is only possible to see JYJ on commercials here and there and at their concerts, the fans’ hope to see them on TV is growing.”

Meanwhile, Big Bang is scheduled for their comeback in March, and JYJ is scheduled for their world tour concerts in Chile and Peru on March 9th and 11th.


Source: TVDaily, kpopstarz.com | bigbangupdates

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