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Gummy hints that she is working with YG Entertainment’s new group

Singer Gummy shared a photo of herself enjoying a fun recording session with some of her fellow YG Entertainment label mates.

The singer shared the above photo via her official me2day page on the 18th and wrote, The newest voices of YG Entertainment has gathered to record a group chorus! I can’t reveal their faces just yet!”

She continued, Our YG staff members stayed up so late to help us record! What do you guys want to eat? Oh, this is the life!

In the photo, Gummy is wearing a grey hoodie with the hood over her head, and is standing before the recording microphone with a hilarious expression on her face.

There are four others in the picture who have their backs toward the camera, and none of their faces have been revealed.

Curious fans who saw her tweet responded saying, Really want to know who those four are. Reveal their faces already!”, “Is it the group that’s supposed to debut soon? I want to know“, “Gummy’s expression is really cute, and more.

In related news, Gummy received high praises from her fellow singers on MBC‘s ‘I Am A Singer‘ after singing “I Have a Lover“.


Source & Image  Gummy’s me2day | allkpop

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