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Boy group Twi-light sits down for an in-depth interview with Break News

If 2011 was all about the girl groups, 2012 will shift the focus back to the boys. Fan girls are looking forward to this year, as many new boy groups will be making their official debut and comeback.

Among them are the members of Twi-light. Although the boys made their debut last August, they have recently reconstructed their team with new members and are now being called the male ‘Rainbow‘. They have continued to impress their fans with their professionalism and talent that sets them apart from the other rookies out there.

They have named their group Twi-light with the hopes that they will set an international trend, and the seven-member team is made up of Siwan (rap, leader), Jaeyoon (vocals), Heechun (sub-vocals), Minyoung (vocals), Tien (rap), Taesung (main vocals), and their maknae, Black (vocals).

Ahead of their showcase on the 27th, the Twi-light boys sat down with Break News to conduct an honest interview.

You guys debuted last August but have already reconstructed your group with new members in 2012. The reasons for doing this?

For our first album, we pushed a charismatic and masculine image, but we want to show you that we are multi-talented with our vocals, our performances, as well as on entertainment programs and in dramas. And in order to do make this happen, we recruited some new members.

Usually when people hear ‘Twi-light’, they are most likely to think of the hit Blockbuster movie ‘Twilight’. What do you think of this?

We were also a little worried when we heard that our name was going to be ‘Twi-light’. We were a bit dumbfounded and concerned that we would become buried under the hit movie, but we decided we wanted to become successful enough to triumph their amazing fame, and we are working hard to make that happen.

A lot of new rookie boy groups want to become like top idols Big Bang, Super Junior, 2PM, and more. Who are your idols?

We don’t have a specific idol group we want to become like. We simply want to show you our unique ‘Twi-light’ colors and triumph the rest to come out on top.

You are declaring war against major boy groups that SM, JYP, and YG are debuting at the same time. Your reasons?

We believe that we have received enough training to boldly declare war. We don’t think we come short of anyone when it comes to talent and skill. We want a healthy and friendly competition.

There are a lot of idols who try their hand at acting before they make their official debut as singers. Are there any of  you who would consider acting? And what, if anything, would you like to try other than acting?

Siwan: Before I began training to debut as ‘Twi-light’, I was preparing to become an actor and so I’m very eager to try my hand at it. I would also like to feature in some of the senior artists’ albums.

Jaeyoon: If ever given the chance, I would definitely like to pick up an acting role. And I’m very athletic, so I would like to be on KBS‘s ‘Go! Dream Team Season 2‘.

Heechun: Personally, I would like to release a single album. I’m most confident when it comes to dance, so I would like to become a dance artist. I would also like to display my unique personality on variety shows.

Minyoung: More than acting, I would like to be on variety programs, and I think I can emulate girl groups’ dances better than 2AM’s Jo Kwon or INFINITE’s Sungjong. I want to captivate the audience with my sensuous and bewitching facial expressions.

Taesung: Before our debut, I was part of a band. I like ballads better than dance, and I would like to release a solo album where I can well express my emotions.

Tien: I had a few roles in some independent movies before our ‘Twi-light’ debut, and I feel really passionate about acting.

Black: Like Taesung hyung, I would like to release a ballad album, but right now, I would like to focus on ‘Twi-light’ promotions.

Do you guys have any dating experience? Any of you dating right now?

We all have dating experience, but none of us have girlfriends at the moment. Half of our days are spent practicing, and we are releasing a new album, so we haven’t even had the chance to think about things like that.

What are your ideal types? Pick a celebrity that is your ideal woman.

Siwan: I like girls that are really confident, and among the celebrities, I like KARA‘s Park Gyuri. I like that she looks fierce.

Jaeyoon: I’m more on the picky side. I’m a little shorter, so I like girls that are petite and have a lot of ‘aegyo‘. I really don’t like girls that lie, and I don’t like girls that have a lot of guys around them. I would pick actress Kim Sarang and T-ara‘s Hyomin as my ideal types.

Minyoung: I like girls that are really down-to-earth and comfortable to be around. My ideal types would be comedian Jung Juri, and Shin Bong Sun. Believe it or not, I’m telling the truth.

Heechun: I just like pretty girls. I think actress Moon Chae Won is really beautiful.

Black: I like girls with sharp facial features and I feel attracted to girls who have really big eyes. Davichi‘s Kang Minkyung is exactly my type.

Tien: More than girls that are pretty, I like girls that are really proper and well-mannered. I usually don’t fall in love with girls right away, but rather I develop feelings for her over time. I can’t really think of a celebrity that best represents the type of girl I like, but if I had to choose, it would be actress Lee Dahae.

Taesung: I like girls who are cute and have a lot of ‘aegyo‘. I haven’t really thought about which celebrities are my favorite, but I think actress Choi Jiyeon comes close to being my ideal type.

There are so many boy groups and girl groups who are debuting these days, enough to say that the industry has turned into an ‘idol war zone’. What do you think will help Twi-light survive amongst these other groups?

We are really confident when it comes to our performance, and we feel like our ‘Blade’ dance especially stands our amongst the rest. We also have a mysterious ‘vampire’ charm about us that we feel makes us unique.

When idol group members go on variety shows, there are a lot of instances where they help their group gain more publicity, but a lot of times they showcase their own unique talents and charms. What are some your individual talents?

Taesung: I’m confident about emulating songs. I am practicing my performances right now, but I think I am pretty good at emulating Min Kyung Hoon.

Tien: I think I have a lot of unique talents, but I can’t reveal them quite yet. Secret.

Black: Even up until a year ago, I worked as a Taekwondo master in Seoul. I have my fourth degree black belt.

Jaeyoon: I did some breakdancing for 6 to 7 years. I really liked it, and I would like to showcase my moves on the air once I have the opportunity.

Siwan: I can write my own rap lyrics. I’ve been really interested in writing, and I am working to develop my talent. I am also good at emulating comedian Ahn Young Mi.

What do you guys do in your free time when you are not making appearance on TV or practicing?

When we first started, we hardly had any free time, but now we live at home. We practice 12 hours a day and go home to sleep.

You guys have a brand new team, so it’s almost like you are rookies making your comeback in 2012. Do you have any special determinations for this new year?

With our last album, we did a lot more performances than making TV appearances, but for this album we would like to not only go on major music programs but try our hand at acting and make a lot of variety show appearances. We would like to grow an develop into ‘Twi-light’ that fulfills our dreams as an artist.

Source & Image: BreakNews | allkpop

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