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Yang Hyun Suk promises, “This year, I will do my very best for Big Bang”

A representative of YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk stated that he will have the upmost enthusiasm and pour his heart out for Big Bang’s comeback in February of 2012.

In OSEN’s recent phone conversation with Yang’s representative, it was stated, “This year’s first priority is Big Bang…I want to do everything I can for Big Bang. Even though there are preparations for new groups, we have almost been fully occupied with Big Bang’s music, so the plans [for the new groups] have been running late.” The debut of YG’s new groups, which were originally planned for the spring of this year, have a high probability of being pushed back to the second half of the year.

Big Bang had a difficult year in 2011. In February, the mini-album that they released for the first time in 2 years achieved an all-kill on the charts as they were off to a refreshing start, and they even stood in the limelight in overseas performances in Japan.

However, promotions were halted for Daesung after his involvement in a sudden car accident in May, and G-Dragon, who was on the brink of beginning his solo promotions, was swept in a marijuana smoking controversy in October. Although the issue was cleared after the Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office declared that G-Dragon’s suspension of indictment was cleared, in reality, Big Bang as a whole announced a period of “self-reflection” and became engrossed with working on their new album.

About this, Yang’s representative stated, “The past year was the hardest year for YG, and you could say that it was a time of crises,” adding, “Just as injuries leave scars and mistakes leave lessons learned, not just I, but all the members of Big Bang, have become much more aware and have reflected a lot after going through these events. I think that this time spent will be something that Big Bang will have with them as they move forward, that will act like a good medicine.”

YG’s figurehead Big Bang has already given notice of their February comeback today. Prior to this, it was often commonplace for Big Bang’s comeback to be later than originally planned, but YG boastfully assured that this time, “there is absolutely no way that will happen.”

Yang’s representative stated, “During the time of self-reflection, the members of Big Bang even worked on Sundays to the point where they practically lived in the studio, and they were completely absorbed in their music. The Big Bang members were so busy that even I didn’t get to see their faces very much, but when I did spend time with them together, I felt happy.” It was added, “As we were having our time of self-reflection, I learned the lesson that during [Big Bang’s] new album preparations, we shouldn’t have other scheduled plans.”

Yang has great expectations for Big Bang’s new album. It was confidently stated, “The five members immersed themselves in their music with one heart during these past months, so there are many products and as one, they are great. This year, Big Bang will release more songs than ever and do many promotions.”


Source: OSEN
Translated by: Sara @ bigbangupdates | fuckyeahbigbangstuff | bigbangupdates

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