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MBC, KBS, and SBS Lunar New Years Specials for 2012

Many exciting TV Programs are scheduled for the Lunar New Year holiday and each major broadcasting station will be airing specials featuring idol stars. If you can’t spend the holidays with family and loved ones, then the TV can substitute and bring you laughs.

The Idol Trend

MBC will be hosting ‘The 4th Idol Star Athletics-Swimming Championship’. Hosting the program will be Kim Jae Dong, Boom, Lee Teuk, and anchorman Oh Sang Jin and many idols stars will be participating in the championships such as B2ST, T-ara, 4Minute, MBLAQ, Boyfriend, and Dal Shabet. Be sure to catch these idol stars competing against each other in games of athletics on January 24th.

Idol stars will also be appearing on MBC’s ‘Idol Alkkagi Championships’. The MCs for this program will be occupied by Kim Gura, Boom, and anchorman Kim Jung Geun. Idols like Super Junior, SHINee, SISTAR, and miss A will be participating in the program along with first generation old school idols like HOT’s Moon Hee Jun and Tony An and Roo’ra’s Go Young Wook.

KBS2TV will be airing ‘The Queen Project – The Resurrection of the Royal House Hold’ on January 23rd. It will be a survival program featuring a total of twelve female idols competing to become the queen. Some of the idols to be appearing on this show are IU, miss A’s Min, T-ara’s So Yeon, and Brown Eyed GirlsMiryo.

The Second ‘We Got Married’? Stars on a Quest for Love

MBC will be airingsa pretend idol dating program ‘Pit-a-Pat Shake’ on January 24th and will be targeting a younger audience. The male participants for this show will be actor Lee Tae Sung, Super Junior’s Sung Min, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, and comedian Park Hwi Soon. The female participants will be KARA’s Han Seung Yeon, Secret’s Han Sun Hwa, After School’s Lizzy, and SISTAR’s Hyorin. Four couples will be created and will be fulfilling missions to be victorious.

SBS will be parodying ‘Jjak’ in ‘Star Love Village’. This show will feature celebrities such as actors Han Jung Soo, Park Jae Jung, and Yumin, singers Shinhwa’s Andy, 8eight’s Lee Hyun and Rainbow’s Jae Kyung for a total of twelve celebrities finding love. This star dating show is to be aired on January 24th.

Targeting the Middle Age Audience

There will also be Lunar New Years programs to target the middle aged audience. Trot singer Jang Yun Jung will be MCing MBC’s ‘I Am a Trot Singer’, a parody of MBC’s hit program ‘I Am a Singer’. The show will feature famous trot singers Tae Jin Ah, Seoul Eun Do, Moon Joo Ra, Choi Jin Hee, Park Hyunbin, and Jo Hang Jo for a total of seven singers competing against each other.

KBS1TV will be airing a special Lunar New Year ‘Golden Oldies’ on January 23rd with a special stage by legendary singer Lee Mija.

MBC will be airing an audition program for middle aged women called ‘Birth of the Singing House Wife Queen’ on January 23rd.

SBS will be airing a show that will bring much delight to the young and the elderly. The special will be a music program titled ‘Actor Pop Star’  on January 24th and will have movie stars singing.  Kim Jo Han, Alex, IU, and Kim Hyun Chul will be the judges for this program and the actors competing will be Gong Hyung Jin, Ahn Suk Hwan, Kim Boo Seon, Jung Da Bin, Jyuni, Kang Dong Ho and father and son Lee Dong Joon and Lee Yil Min.


Source & Image: World Times via Naver | allkpop

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