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Idol Research Part 2: Ideal Types and Allowances

On January 20, Ilgan Sports, a popular Korean newspaper in Seoul, did a special survey of idols, called Idol Research. It surveyed a total of 92 idols, 45 male and 47 female.

Part 1 asked idols about their grades in school. Other questions on the survey asked about the idols’ height preferences for their ideal types, and how much monthly allowance each idol got. (Note: The following results are averages calculated by all the answers that were given.)

Idols’ heights for their ideal types

Male Idols: My ideal type has to be over 155.2 cm. (34 people)

To male idols, height isn’t that important for their ideal types. Most idols said that “it doesn’t matter.” About 20% of idols surveyed said that their ideal types should be at least over 150cm. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk said, “She just has to be over 100cm,” gaining attention for his humorous answer. There were idols who revealed specific height limits for their ideal types. 14 idols, including MBLAQ’s Seungho, BEAST’s Yoseob, Infinite’s Dongwoo, answered that their height limit is 160cm. Jay Park and Infinite’s Sunggyu each revealed that their ideal types should be over 156cm and 158cm, respectively.

Female Idols: My ideal type has to be over 172.7 cm. (37 people)

The majority of female idols answered that their ideal types have to be over 177cm. However, some idols’ answers were more realistic. miss A’s Min answered that she would be okay with 165cm, a most favorable answer. On the other hand, B of A girl group said that her ideal type must be over 180cm, crushing the hearts of “short-dol” males. Many idols said, “I would like for him to be taller than me when I wear heels,” but the height of girl groups today are enormous. Rainbow’s Yoon Hye answered with, “Height isn’t important,” receiving much applause from the male viewers.

Idols’ spending of money

Male Idols: My monthly allowance is $158.66. (30 people)

“I have my manager, so I don’t need my allowance,” was a common answer among male idols. Through the survey, it was revealed that 11 out of 30 idols don’t receive any allowance. Including Super Junior’s Ryeowook, four idols said that they received allowance only when they needed it. Four idols said that they spend at least 500 dollars a month, three said that they each spend 100, 200, and 300 dollars, respectively. Infinite’s Hoya truthfully answered, “My monthly allowance is $175.20,” gaining attention from viewers.

Female Idols: My monthly allowance is $273.60. (20 people)

According to a website that does job surveys, the average monthly allowance for Korean college students is 410 dollars. Most idols don’t receive allowance, occasionally given money or usually using a credit card. Secret’s Zinger revealed that although she doesn’t receive allowance and her money is technically unlimited, she has a good “sense” of money, and doesn’t spend money easily.


Source : Soompi

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