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EXO releases 11th teaser, featuring Xiu Min & Kai

Releasing an unceasing series of teasers all month, SM Entertainment has just shared with the public its 11th video teaser for the agency’s latest boy group, EXO, introducing a never-before-seen member, Xiu Min!

Xiu Min and fellow groupmate Kai star in the one minute teaser, walking down an empty street at night. When they realize they are being followed by cars, the duo begins running, only to be stopped by a few parked cars that flash on as they arrive. With their smirks and laidback strolls, it’s clear that these guys are in control from beginning to end.

As with the ten previous teasers, everything is dark and sleek, from the boys’ monochrome outfits to the slick production value of the video. To match, EXO’s track, “Let Out the Beast” sets the mood.

Check out Xiu Min & Kai below:


B.A.P will reveal “Warrior” on midnight, January 26th

After releasing many teasers, the rookie group B.A.P will fully uncover their veil today at midnight.

TS Entertainment revealed that B.A.P will reveal their debut song, “Warrior“, and music video on the midnight of January 26th on the TS Entertainment’s official homepage and other online sites.

TS Entertainment representative relayed, It’s a product where you can’t lose the tension from the beginning till the end and it will be able to rise above expectations.

The representative elaborated, Seeing is believing“, and continued, “It’s a colorful and epic sound where each breath is skewed and the rap and vocal draws up your emotions. And a breathtaking performance will be born.


TEEN TOP wants to become ‘World Idols’ and shed their ‘cute little brother’ image in 2012

6-member boy group TEEN TOP has some new dreams for 2012. The group stole the hearts of their noona fans with their cute image has decided to shed the ‘little brother’ concept and are trying prove to their fans that they have grown into men. Their new performances prove just how much they’ve transformed.

Niel remarked, I guess it’s because all of us debuted when we were really young, but everyone still sees us that way. Even when we show powerful, fierce performances on stage, people still say that we are cute. We have tried our best to change, and feel a little disappointed when people don’t seem to notice our efforts. There are three of us that are in our 20′s now!”, he playfully yelled.

We think that our new title song “Going Crazy” suits us better than any other song before it, and we are more confident than ever before. I think we are just glad that we are finally able to show the image we want to show you on stage,” he continued. “We rehearsed that much more so that we would be show that side of us to the fans.”

Leader CAP also mentioned that the boys learned to enjoy themselves on stage. At first we were so concerned with being synchronized, but now we can do that while adding our own unique gestures and facial expressions for the camera. We are a little less concerned with the dance, and are focusing a little more on expressing ourselves.”


4minute’s Sohyun wants to be coupled with TEEN TOP’s L. Joe on ‘We Got Married’

4minute‘s Kwon Sohyun expressed her desire to be featured on the popular MBC variety program, ‘We Got Married‘.

At the ‘4th annual Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships‘ that aired on January 24th, Sohyun held a brief interview with MC Leeteuk before her 50m dash.

I heard you wanted to be on ‘We Got Married‘,” Leeteuk said to her. “Yeah, I really want to but they said I couldn’t because I was a minor,” she explained.

Leeteuk followed up by asking, Is there anyone here at the Championships that you would like to be coupled with?”


Winners from MBC’s ’4th Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships’

MBC has brought back their popular holiday special, ‘Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships‘, for the 2012 Lunar New Year!


Cho PD Reveals Teaser Image Regarding Block B’s Comeback

It’s been awhile since we last heard from Block B. During the time since their last album, the fellas haven’t had a chance for a vacation as they worked on their album amidst their busy schedule. Between Cho PD and leader Zico, there were many hints signaling a comeback for the boys on the block. Originally, it was thought that the group would release an album sometime in January. Now at the tail end of the month we finally have some news regarding the talented young group’s latest release.


YG Hints at Big Bang’s Possible Title Track

Not long ago, we reported on Yang Hyun Suk’s recent post to the YG Life Blog. It seems the president of YG Entertainment has got netizens talking once again. Today YG updated the YG Life Blog with a new image. The interesting part of the post was that the glowing blue sphere still remained. Yet in addition to the globe there was a text added to the upper right hand corner. The word that read “ALIVE” could be made out although it was written in a faint, ghostly blue.


Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young Announce Their Breakup

After a few months of going public with their relationship, actor Lee Min Ho and actress Park Min Young have put an end to their relationship. The two met last year while filming SBS’sCity Hunter;” but because of their busy schedules, they barely had time to see each other. Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho actually ended their relationship a while ago, but decided not to publicly announce it until now because they didn’t want to put their agencies on the spot.

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young seemed like strangers before the year-end drama awards. Both attended two different ceremonies. While Lee Min Ho attended the “SBS Drama Awards,” Park Min Young attended the “KBS Dramas Awards.”

A representative of Park Min Young’s agency stated, “It’s been a while since they saw each other. It was really embarrasing for her to just go and reveal their break-up, and she didn’t want to put her agency in a sticky stituation. So, she held the news a little longer”.

The rep continued, “Also, because of her busy schedule, it was almost impossible for her to even rest. She had to film KBS’s “Glorious Jane” while Lee Min Ho was busy with his activities overseas and CFs. We knew that both were really busy to even catch up with each other.”