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B.A.P will reveal “Warrior” on midnight, January 26th

After releasing many teasers, the rookie group B.A.P will fully uncover their veil today at midnight.

TS Entertainment revealed that B.A.P will reveal their debut song, “Warrior“, and music video on the midnight of January 26th on the TS Entertainment’s official homepage and other online sites.

TS Entertainment representative relayed, It’s a product where you can’t lose the tension from the beginning till the end and it will be able to rise above expectations.

The representative elaborated, Seeing is believing“, and continued, “It’s a colorful and epic sound where each breath is skewed and the rap and vocal draws up your emotions. And a breathtaking performance will be born.

B.A.P will hold a large showcase in Jangchung Gym on January 28th after releasing their single. Already, nearly 100 domestic and international news media is covering B.A.P as the rookie group is attracting hot attention.


Source : allkpop

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