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KBS deems Block B’s new songs unfit for broadcast

With the release of their new album just around the corner, hip hop idol group Block B is already facing numerous obstacles for their comeback.

KBS has deemed the tracks “Did You or Did You Not” and “LOL” as unfit for broadcast, stating “vulgar expressions” as the reason.

The broadcast station stated that “Did You or Did You Not” brings to mind the question people ask when referring to sex: “Did you do it, or not?” In their Korean title, “haet suh ahn haet suh”, ”haet suh” is derived from the Korean verb “to do”, on it’s own. (If it is used in conjunction with other words, the meaning is changed)

Meanwhile, “LOL” contains the word “ggondae” in the lyrics (which is usually used as a slang referring to elders with a negative connotation).

Fans have expressed their outrage and refuted, “‘ggondae’ is a word that was definitely heard on KBS’ drama ‘God of Study’, and also used in SBS’s ‘Protect the Boss’.” They argued that it is unfair for the station to only impose such a standard on the music industry when the word is being broadcast publicly on dramas.

They also spoke out for “Did You or Did You Not” stating, “It is not right for a song to be judged vulgar only due to the title.”

Delly Boi, who co-wrote the song “Did You or Did You Not” took to his Twitter on January 26th to express his frustration with KBS’s decision. He wrote, “‘Did You or Did You Not’ doesn’t mean ‘did you have sex, or did you not’, it’s supposed to mean ‘Did you say it or did you not’… whew.. Do I need to explain everything, KBS high ranking officials?”

Singer Younha also expressed her disbelief at the outcome, stating on her Twitter, “They interpreted ‘Did You or Did You Not’ that way.. It was totally clear to me even without the lyrics. The lyrics were heart-wrenching. It seems they have quite an overactive imagination~~ Block B, this is a sign that your comeback is going to be daebak. To the Block B members and BBCs, don’t be hurt by it ^o^ “

In protest to KBS’s decision, fans have taken to creating a petition online titled, ‘We request the revision of KBS’s deliberation on Block B’s new songs’. By 10 a.m. (KST) on January 26th, more than 2,400 people had already signed the petition. The petition aims to gain 10,000 signatures by April 1st.

Those who participated in the petition commented, “I don’t even know what to say. Did you or did you not is a vulgar expression?” “Don’t ruin the result of months of effort [by Block B],” “Did you or did you not put some thought into your decision?” “My mom always says ‘did you or did you not’.. I guess my mom is using a vulgar expression everyday. I see now.”


Source + Photo: Money Today via Nate | allkpop

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