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Big Bang Releases Two More Track List Info

Just moments ago, YG Entertainment updated their official blog with two more track titles for their upcoming album. The third and fourth tracks of the new album are titled “Love Dust” and “Bad Boy.”

“Love Dust” is co-produced by Teddy and G-Dragon with lyrics also co-written by the two. “Bad Boy,” on the other hand, is produced by G-Dragon and Choice 37, while the lyrics are written solely by G-Dragon. Both tracks have additional rap written by T.O.P.

With YG Entertainment, it’s always a puzzle game as they rarely ever release all the information at once. This time again, they are revealing very little information at a time, keeping all the fans waiting for more. Earlier today they posted a mysterious message that read, “2012.02.01,” so we’re expecting something more significant to be announced on that day. We’ll keep you posted!


Source : Soompi

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