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JYP Entertainment’s 9th auditions are in full swing

JYP Entertainment‘s 9th auditions are in full swing, and they’re attracting high levels of attention from the public.

After learning that ‘Dream High 2‘s actors JB and Jr. were contestants from the 5th auditions, trainee-hopefuls felt even more encouraged to try out for the agency.

JB and Jr. auditioned for JYP back in 2009, and they tied for first place as the overall winners of the 5th auditions. These two trainees gained much spotlight for their amazing dance skills as well as their cute looks.

The JYP auditions also scouted Wooyoung after he won 1st place in the 1st JYP auditions. Wooyoung has since joined 2PM and landed a major role as ‘Jason’ in ‘Dream High 1′.

Starting on January 7th, JYP’s 9th auditions preliminaries (in cooperation with HUM and Daum TV) kicked off in Cheongju, followed by Gwangju, Daegu, and Busan. It will then move onto Gangneung and Seoul on February 4th and 5th. The agency will pick the final winner from the 30 contestants who clear through the preliminaries on February 26th.

The top 3 will be given the chance to train under JYP, and the person who receives the Dean’s Award by Seoul’s School of Art will be given a year’s tuition to attend the prestigious institution.


source : allkpop

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