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Junhyung & Hara’s bracelets are not couple bracelets?

Contrary to earlier reports that B2ST‘s Junhyung and Kara‘s Goo Hara were wearing couple bracelets, new reports have surfaced claiming that those are not couple bracelets.

Junhyung’s fans have come forth with the statement that, Contrary to reports, Junhyung’s bracelet is not a couple bracelet, but a birthday wish bracelet that his fans gave to him last December 19th. As you can tell in the photos, Goo Hara’s bracelet has a longer charm than Junhyung’s. They are of completely different design.”

It is said that when one makes a wish as they put on the bracelet for the first time, it will come true after the bracelet has worn out and fallen off. This bracelet is reported to have been popular in America and Europe after 9/11, and has recently come to Korea.

Furthermore, the fans have added that, Goo Hara’s bracelet is actually the same design as those of B2ST’s other members, Yang Yoseob and Jang Hyunseung.  The fans have even uploaded a picture of Yoseob with the identical bracelet to prove that they are not couple bracelets.

On January 26th, an online community post titled, ‘Junyung & Goo Hara with couple bracelets‘ caused a flood of commentary, as many netizens drew the connection between the bracelets and the two’s acknowledgement of their relationship last year.


Source & Image: Daum | allkpop

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