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How Did Se7en and JYP’s Collaboration Happen?



As we reported earlier, Se7en’s new album will be a collaboration between JYP and Se7en. Teasers were shown showing JYP playing the piano, then being joined by Se7en. Se7en also released the new mini album tracklist. This is the first time that JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment will be working together.




So how did the two rival companies work with each other? It looks like SBS K-Pop Star and a dinner together made it happen! According to representatives, JYP and YG became closer through SBS K-Pop Star. Se7en, JYP, and YG had dinner together and that is where the project was hatched.


Both YG and JYP representatives stated, “Collaboration projects like this can always happen because all three companies (SM, YG, and JYP) are open to the idea of new projects.”


In other news, Sandara Park also wrote about the teaser for Se7en and JYP’s “When I Can’t Sing” on her me2day. She wrote on January 29, “Did you see the Se7en teaser? The song really gets to your heart. I already heard the song and have seen the music video. It gives me the shivers. I am anticipating it so much! Se7en is the best! How am I going to wait until February 1?”


Check out the teaser below:



(Here is a translation of the lyrics)


“If I lost everything”


“If my popularity declined”


“If I couldn’t sing anymore”


“If I got another job”


“Could you continue loving me, just for who I am”



Source : Soompi



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