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Se7en reveals the tracklist for his new mini-album

After releasing the teaser for his new song, “When I Can’t Sing“, earlier this evening, Se7en continued to roll out his promotions by unveiling the full tracklist for his new album!

On January 29th, Se7en tweeted an image containing the names of all six tracks on his mini-album. The names of the tracks are:

01. “Somebody Else”
02. “Angel”
03. “When I Can’t Sing”
04. “That Person”
05. “Understand”
06. “Make Good Love”

Considering how the text for “When I Can’t Sing” was highlighted in white, it’s more than likely that this J.Y. Park-produced track will be Se7en’s main song.

The mini-album is set for a February 1st release.

Source + Image: Se7en’s Twitter | allkpop

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