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Big Bang’s Taeyang displays jealousy towards Lee Michelle (120130)

Big Bang’s Taeyang displays his jealousy towards Lee Michelle, one of the contestants of K-POP Star, SBS’s weekend popular audition show.

On the January 29 episode of K-POP Star, the contestants who were selected by one of the three representatives of Korea’s top three major entertainment agencies are trained by each agency’s training programs.

The contestants who were selected by YG Entertainment are directed to join individual training courses to test their capabilities. After the training course was completed, they faced a midterm test with Big Bang and 2NE1’s members as the panel of judges.
When asked if he has any contestant he has wanted to see, Taeyang evoked big laughs by saying, “I wanted to see Lee Michelle. These days my boss always sings her praises, so I sometimes became so jealous of her.”

Source: Xportnews | bigbangupdates
Translation: en.korea.com

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