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Eat Your Kimchi Reviews B.A.P’s “Warrior”

This week for Music Monday, Simon and Martina reviewed B.A.P‘s “Warrior” music video.

They thought that the group didn’t look like a rookie group as they were really comfortable in front of the camera and working together. Having a powerful, non cute boy, concept helped a lot as well.

While they usually think that random rapping in K-Pop songs doesn’t really fit in, the reverse was true for this time. The group is really good at rapping, but a singing part near the end did not fit too well with the rest of the song’s style.

Check out their full review!


CN Blue to Release “BLUESTORM” DVD on February 2

CN Blue continues to make waves across Asia! Following the success of their “BLUESTORM” Asia tour, the group will be releasing a DVD of the concert for fans to enjoy.


SHINee to Release Live Concert Album on February 1

On February 1 SHINee will release their live concert album. The album contains the music from their first concert. The album contains the live music from “SHINee THE 1st CONCERT SHINee World.” This concert was held on January 1-2 of 2011.

The album will be made up of two CDs which contain a total of 34 tracks. Among these tracks are new versions of “Juliet,” “Ring Ding Dong,” and “Lucifer.” The album also contains hit songs such as “Nuna You Are Too Pretty,” “You Are Like Air,” and “Hello.”

The album also contains the music from the solo performances of the members: Onew’s “Nessun Dorma,” Jonghyun’s “Girls,” Key’s “My First Kiss,” Minho’s “OMG” and Taemin’s “Boy Meets Girl.”

SHINee’s Key will be taking the stage for the Korean version of the Broadway musical “Catch Me if You Can,” that will open in Seoul on March 28 and will run until June.


B2ST is stronger with ballads?

B2ST’s release of their brand new ballad “I Knew It” was met with yet another explosive response, reminiscent of their success with their previous ballad hit “On Rainy Days”. While the songs’ musical composition as well as the boys’ vocal talents are without a doubt credible for the ballads’ magic, analysts have pondered why B2ST’s ballads chart significantly higher than their title tracks.

“I Knew It” was released on January 25th, and the song was an all-kill on a majority of mainstream music charts. Not only did the song enter the top spot from day one, it held the number one position for 3 days.

The most surprising part about the song’s success isn’t the longevity or its quick rise to the top ten spot. Rather, it’s the fact that the song was able to grab the top spot despite the fact that B2ST is currently not doing any television promotions for any albums whatsoever.

One may say that B2ST’s large fandom is the obvious reason for the success.  However, given the fact that the song’s success was met in just three days, and with a ballad song at that, fans and netizens marveled at B2ST’s ability to capture the top spot with not only dance numbers, but with songs of other genres as well.


Se7en reveals the tracklist for his new mini-album

After releasing the teaser for his new song, “When I Can’t Sing“, earlier this evening, Se7en continued to roll out his promotions by unveiling the full tracklist for his new album!

On January 29th, Se7en tweeted an image containing the names of all six tracks on his mini-album. The names of the tracks are:

01. “Somebody Else”
02. “Angel”
03. “When I Can’t Sing”
04. “That Person”
05. “Understand”
06. “Make Good Love”

Considering how the text for “When I Can’t Sing” was highlighted in white, it’s more than likely that this J.Y. Park-produced track will be Se7en’s main song.


How Did Se7en and JYP’s Collaboration Happen?



As we reported earlier, Se7en’s new album will be a collaboration between JYP and Se7en. Teasers were shown showing JYP playing the piano, then being joined by Se7en. Se7en also released the new mini album tracklist. This is the first time that JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment will be working together.



Daesung and Taeyang cuts on SBS KPOP Star Survival (120129)

Big Bang’s Daesung appears on ‘K-Pop Star’, pointed but thoughtful

Big Bang member Daesung appeared on a variety show after a long while away.

On the January 29th installment of SBS’s ‘K-Pop Star’, the YG training system was revealed with the casting audition finals coming up. The contestants attended the monthly evaluations.

Those who set out as the judges next to Yang Hyun Suk were 2NE1′s Park Bom & CL, and Big Bang’s Taeyang & Daesung. After the car accident last year, Daesung had been taking time for introspection. Recently Daesung has started working through MBN’s ‘What’s Up’ and Big Bang is about to make their comeback but it has been a long while since his appearance on a variety show.