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B.A.P’s Zelo praised by fans for his ‘LTE Rap’ in “Warrior”

Even though they’re still fresh to the music scene, rookie group B.A.P has drawn a significant number of fans, and now the youngest member Zelo is receiving attention once again for his “LTE rap.”

B.A.P debuted this past weekend on January 26th with their single album “Warrior“, and just wrapped up a weekend full of stage performances. Zelo began receiving lots of praise on B.A.P’s fan cafe for his aggressive rap segment on the track.

Fans commented, “I wondered whether he would be able to pull it off during a performance when considering he’ll be out of breath, but he shined even more brightly live on stage,” and, “Zelo’s amazing rap. When I first heard it in the music video, I was floored and repeatedly listened to it. Listening to it live was even more awesome.”

B.A.P is reported to be getting more fans by the day with over a thousand new fans joining the official fan cafe one day after B.A.P’s album release. Zelo’s personal Twitter also currently has roughly 30,000 followers.


Source: TS Entertainment | allkpop

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