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Korean actors & K-Pop stars unite for Gaon’s anti-piracy ’2012 Good Downloader Campaign’

Korean movie and K-Pop stars united together for a new effort against piracy being led by Gaon Chart called the ‘2012 Good Downloader Campaign‘.

Actors Ahn Sung Gi, Park Joong Hoon, Lee Min Jung, Jang Hyuk and music stars Yoon Do Hyun (YB), Kim Yuna (Jaurim), Yunho (TVXQ), Nickhun (2PM), Sohee (Wonder Girls), as well as Sulli (f(x)) banded together for the campaign during a shoot yesterday, sending the message that pirating movies and music is illegal and wrong.

A representative from the ’2012 Good Downloader Campaign’ commented that they wanted to get the message across that pirating movies and music is definitely not okay, but to also make people think about pirating in a more broad sense including things like television programs, characters, and sportswear.

Yoon Do Hyun stated, “I got the call from Ahn Sung Gi and heard about the campaign so I happily participated. In terms of music, legal ways of getting it are increasing, but so are illegal ways to get it like smartphones…”

Yunho and Nichkhun commented, “We’re happy to be participating with our good seniors and juniors. It means more because actors and musicians have gathered together.”

Kim Yuna also seemed excited about the campaign, saying, “I agree with the aim so I participated without any doubts. I hope through this opportunity, attitudes towards movies, music, and other cultural industries will change for the better.”

Sohee and Sulli shared, “Thought we were nervous shooting with veterans in the movie world, it was a fun and worthwhile time. Movies and music, all good download~!”

Jang Hyuk and Lee Min Jung reflected, “Lots of seniors and juniors in movies have participated in this campaign so we’re happy, and since it’s the first time that music and movies are becoming one for this, we think it’s especially meaningful and fresh.”

Ahn Sung Gi and Park Joong added, “We’d like to thank the actors and musicians who came together for this campaign’s effort so willingly, and we hope that the truth of it goes to citizens’ hearts… [we hope] that culture contents will be obtained through good download.”

The commercial for the ’2012 Good Downloader Campaign’ will be released on February 22nd at the first Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards.


Source : allkpop

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