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NU’EST plans a special Valentine’s Day event for their fans

Rookie boy group NU’EST is planning a Valentine’s date with their fans!

Although they have yet to make their official debut, Pledis Entertainment‘s first boy group has been receiving much love and interest after they revealed their official name and profile pictures.

The boys want to return that love by setting up a special date with their fans for the very first time.

Fans will get the chance to go see a movie with the NU’EST members. More information can be found on their official fan cafe as well as their Facebook page.

Representatives of Pledis remarked, We have a few other events planned where the fans will get to meet with the NU’EST members, so please continue to show them your love and support.”

NU’EST is comprised of five talented boys, and their group name stands for ‘NU’ (New), ‘Establish’, ‘Style’, ‘Tempo’. Their official debut is scheduled for early March.


Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate | allkpop

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