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SPICA member Kim Bo Hyung was preparing to debut as a member of 2NE1

SPICA, produced by singer Lee Hyori‘s entertainment label is receiving some new attention, as it has recently been revealed that member Kim Bo Hyung was previously a YG Entertainment trainee preparing to debut as a member of 2NE1.

Kim Bo Hyung is the lead vocal of SPICA, and the singer trained with the 2NE1 members under YG Entertainment for 2 long years. During an interview conducted with SportsKorea on January 31st, Kim Bo Hyung remarked, I trained with the four 2NE1 members, however after 2NE1 made their debut as a 4-member group, CEO Yang Hyun Suk introduced me to this new label and I eventually became a member of SPICA.”

Kim Bo Hyung has not revealed this information to the public until now. She did not want the public to misunderstand that she was using this information as a way of promoting her new group. But as she made her official debut with SPICA, the news naturally spread.

I learned a lot from YG Entertainment,” she said. They taught me everything from A-Z. When I look at past videos of myself as a YG trainee, I can see where I was lacking. I want to develop those areas and become a more mature musician as a member of SPICA.”

Singer Lee Hyori herself has participated in producing SPICA, offering her advice and ideas regarding album jacket designs, stage ensembles, and more. Also in the group is ‘Super Star K‘ contestant Park Narae, and member Yang Jiwon, who was previously in a different girl group. The other two members are Kim Boa who possesses extreme vocal talent and Park Ju Hyun, a previous model who has filmed a number of CFs.


Source & Image: SportsKorea via Nate | allkpop

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