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Big Bang Album Release Date: February 29

YG Entertainment announced the release date of Big Bang’s new album (February 29) while also revealing Daesung’s solo track that will be on the album, “Wings.” They also announced that the new Big Bang album will have 7 tracks.

Daesung has sung solo songs ranging from trot to ballads. The lyrics for “Wings” were co-written between G-Dragon and Daesung. It was produced and edited by Choi Pil Gang. Now that the full track list is revealed, we can see the different producers that helped make the album. These are: G-Dragon, Teddy, Choice 37, DJ Murf, Choi Pil Gang, and Dee.P.

Big Bang will be holding a concert from March 2-4 at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium. Most of the tickets were sold out during January 31 and February 1.


Source : Soompi

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