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Block B asks fans for their continued support

Boy group Block B who just returned with a new album remarked that they were nervous and excited.”

At a showcase that took place for their second mini-album ‘WELCOME TO THE BLOCK‘ in Seoul on February 1st, the boys remarked, We are making a comeback after a long six months. There are six songs total on the album, and we personally produced five of them.”

Our title song “Nanrina“ incorporates a synthesized blunt rhythm with groovy rap and vocals. The song is for everyone of all ages who enjoy hip hop,” they added.

They also explained the concept behind their title song. The title “Nanrina” (to cause commotion or pandemonium in Korean) was decided to represent how much commotion we would cause in the music industry once we make our comeback. We are so excited to stand on stage after being away for so long. We ask for your continued cheer and support.”

The boys proved to the world what a performance should look like with their fierce and powerful moves for their title song “Nanrina”. They have already captivated the masses with their impressive synchronized moves and their newly upgraded masculine image.

Check out their “Nanrina” MV :


Source & Image: OSEN via Nate

Video : | YouTube

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