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G-Dragon opens up about past controversies in High Cut

Big Bang member G-Dragon showed off many facets to his facial expressions for the recent photo shoot for ‘High Cut’. Whether he is looking lovable holding a huge teddy bear or holds a dragon above his head for the year of the dragon, or is surrounded by sexy female models looking taken aback, G-Dragon’s presence shined through.

G-Dragon proved why he is referred to as a fashion icon utilizing various accessories in stylish ways.

At the set, Big Bang member Taeyang and Daesung made surprise appearances and said, “Please take good care of our Ji Yong.

During the interview that followed the photo shoot, G-Dragon commented regarding Big Bang’s activities in 2012, “I think we need to work harder than ever with the feeling of repaying grace.”

When asked “Public criticism is also expected (about restarting his activities as a singer)”, G-Dragon said, “Anyways, it’s my fault so I will accept it. I am trying to keep the heart and mind open.”

G-Dragon also added, “I enjoy watching SBS ‘K-Pop Star’ that the president (Yang Hyun Suk) is appearing on. I said to the president that if I didn’t come into the company (YG) early on, I think I would have failed on ‘K-Pop Star’.” As far as a promising contender, G-Dragon picked Lee Seung Hoon, who is said to live 1 minute away from the YG building.


Source: Newsen, Kpopfever | bigbangupdates

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