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B1A4 aims for 2,000,000 followers on Twitter

Idol group B1A4 have set a goal to reach 2,000,000 Twitter followers!

The boys are currently starring in Mnet’s ‘Sesame Player 3’, where for 12 weeks, they’ll embark on various missions to increase their Twitter followers.

The goal is actually part of a contract B1A4 made with ‘Sesame Player 3′. According to this contract, B1A4 will not hide things about their personal lives on the show”, “B1A4 will work hard in making impersonations and utilizing other talents to bring laughter to their fans”, and “Absence without leave and refusal to film will not be acceptable.

The contract will end when all the members’ Twitter followers combined will be a minimum of 2,000,000, or if a member reaches 500,000 followers.


‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ to air in 9 different countries

tvN’s new drama ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ is being aired in nine different Asian countries!


Boy group MYNAME celebrates their 100-day anniversary

Rookie boy group MYNAME shared a new photo with their fans to celebrate 100 days in the music industry.

On February 3rd, the boys posted the above photo via their official Twitter page and wrote, Hey everyone, it has finally been 100 days since MYNAME started out on ‘M Countdown’! I think it was right about this time, too. We promise never to lose focus and work harder to show you better efforts for our next album. We love you.”

MYNAME is a boy group produced by singer Hwanhee, and consists of members Seyong, Insoo, JoonQ, Chae Jin & Gunwoo. Although still rookies, they are new rising stars in the K-pop world, and have received interest from overseas as well.

Their fans congratulated them saying, Congratulations on 100 days, MYNAME“, “I hope you succeed in 2012“, “Today is MYNAME Day“, “Daebak in 2012, and more.


Cho PD reveals he considered taking out a loan for Block B

Cho PD, the mastermind behind Block B, has revealed that he once inquired about a loan for the first time in his life.

Cho PD said that he estimated the amount of money it would take to push the seven-member idol group and agency Brand New Stardom to the top; the figure made him think about putting in a loan application for the first time in his life.

He stated, “I’m not paying a monthly installment for my car, nor do I have any loans right now. However, I looked into how much money I could borrow by using our agency office as collateral, so that I would not have to receive help from outside sources.”

Cho PD’s investment in Brand New Stardom with Block B’s debut last year was said to be around 1.5 billion Won (~ $1,341,297 USD). Ten months later, it was estimated to have surpassed 2 billion Won (~$1,788,350).


Big Bang & 2NE1 to release Japanese albums on same day

Big Bang and 2NE1 will be releasing their albums in Japan on the same day. Will the move turn out to be a win-win strategy, or will this pitch the two groups against each other in an epic battle?

The big release is scheduled for March 28. Having two teams from the same agency release albums on the same day is, for obvious reasons, an unusual strategy.

A quote from a rep of YGEX, YG Entertainment’s Japanese counterpart, shows that the agency expects the move to benefit both groups and their fans. “Because the fanbases of the two groups greatly overlap, we believe that having the two groups release albums on the same day will please them even more.”

Big Bang plans to release its upcoming mini album Alive in Japan with a total of nine tracks, two more than the version to be released in Korea.


[VIDEO] Arirang TV: “BEST 5 Idol Stars with the Perfect Stage Names” + E News: “Korean Idol Star Cars”

BEST 5 Idol Stars with the Perfect Stage Names

1. Big Bang – Taeyang
2. Girls Generation – Sunny
3. MBLAQ – Mir
4. Super Junior – Eun-Hyuk
5. Infinite – L