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G-Dragon’s Full Interview on High Cut Magazine

After 4 months of no activities, GD conducted an interview with High Cut. Although it was an interview that lasted for about 20 minutes only, when asked skeptical questions, he still answered them positively. His describes this “blank” period as “having deep contemplation” and “having a good time”. And during this period, GD is growing up fast.

Q1: It has been a while. What are you busy with these days?
GD: I’ve been busy preparing for the new album so I don’t have time for other things. I spend most of my time in the studio and seldom go out.

Q2: I see that you have new tattoos on your fingers. Did you get them during your rest period?
GD: No, these are actually not real tattoos. I just got them yesterday to prepare for the cover of the new album. In fact, I’m not sure whether I’ll get real tattoos again in the future. I want to, but people asked me not, so I just got these.

Q3: Because of everything that happened, you suddenly had a “blank” period. Did you use this time for self-reflection?
GD: I haven’t had a rest ever since I debuted. Although it isn’t my original intention, I was able to look back during this rest period. I know it doesn’t sound nice that I was only able to reflect because something bad happened. However, if you look at it from another perspective, it was a really meaningful period for me since I had a lot of time to reflect on myself. It was just like having some good time with myself.

Q4: During the shoot, Taeyang and Daesung came to visit you. Did you become closer with them during your rest period?
GD: I have a schedule with them after this shoot so they might get bored waiting for me, but they decided to come here. (Laugh) Although I am close to each member, we seldom spend time together. Since every member has to divide their time for other activities, we’ve been focusing on our album. The five of us always work together in the studio and we’ve been frankly discussing a lot. We exchange ideas and console each other too. I think it (the rest period) is really valuable for all of us.

Q5: Your reputation in the field of fashion is still as good as before. What is your own fashion philosophy?
GD: (Very shy) Ah… I don’t have any reputation, neither do I have any fashion philosophy. Because I like fashion, I am sensitive to it. What you wear affects how you feel that day, so it is very important to wear the right clothes. Therefore, Iput an effort on my clothes and people like it.

Q6: You are called the “clothes hanger” because of your good body shape. Do you pay attention to keeping fit too?
GD: In the past, I did not, but now that I am growing older, if I don’t, then I will get more and more chubby. (Burst into laughter) It is just like what Youngbae said, “we’re really not young anymore.” Last year, no matter how much I ate, I could not get fat but this year, I just hope that I can slim down as soon as possible but it’s the same case with Youngbae. (All bursting into laughters) I think it is because I changed form living in the dorm to now living with my family so I have been eating so well. It’s probably why I find it hard to slim down now. I don’t just exercise to be fit but I am also preparing for the proposed world tour for this year. That’s why I want to be fit since I have already been resting for a long period of time.

Q7: There are so many songs these days which have “…breaker” in their titles. As the original song writer of Heartbreaker, what do you feel about it?
GD: The songs are composed because of me? I don’t really know them. That’s really interesting. When I browse the internet these days, I feel that people are really talented since their lyrics are really well-written, but I don’t think they are created those because of me.

Q8: Several days earlier, Jung Hyungdon said he doesn’t know your contact number so he sent a love call to YG. The president even said he would be glad if Jung Hyungdon could enter YG.
GD: I read the news yesterday. I…. want to be his colleague for sure. (Laughing) He seems to have liked our company for a long time. We are too lucky. Haha

Q9: Do you watch “Kpop Star” in which your president is a part of?
GD: Of course.

Q10: Which participants do you think are good?
GD: I saw them practicing while walking in the company building the other day. There was this person who was dancing. His name is Lee Seung-joo and he lives a minute away from the YG building. There are many female participants who have outstanding performances too, but I think that friend is really brilliant.

Q11: It was announced that Big Bang will be active for the whole year?
GD: I think I should be really thankful for this year so I will work extra hard. In the past, to be frank, I felt a bit tired and fed up with my work rather than enjoying it. But now, after a period of adjusting I feel that it is really precious to have the chance to perform on the stage and I really long for it. I hope that I can keep such kind of passion forever.

Q12: You have expected that once you return, there will be criticism, right?
GD: I’m expecting that already. No matter what, I was at fault so I will accept them all. Ever since I was a kid, I am not a person who is timid. Those who blame me will fade out eventually but those who love me will know me more during the process.. Big Bang is not a short-lived group. If we can explore new things in music, we will just move forward and solve every problem that we face.

Q13: Do you have any plans of releasing solo album or participating in other fields of showbiz?
GD: (Shaking his head) Oh… Even if I don’t have plans, the president always asks to take part in dramas. (Laughs) I am bad at acting and there are other people who are good at it. It is just like a world that I can never land my foot in. Now, I have enough things to keep me busy so I don’t know about whether I will try it. If I really want to do it, I have to prepare myself well first. We decided that we will start my solo activities in summer and it is the same with Taeyang. We have very tight schedule this year and if fans wait, we will certainly come to them quickyly.

Q14 How do you feel shooting the photos with the teddy bears?
GD: I think it gives me a different feeling and it is really good. (Pretends to be a teddy bear).


bigbangupdates>>>>NOTE: This interview was translated from Korean to Chinese to English so some parts may contain slight inaccuracies. If you find anything wrong, please let us know so we can edit asap. You can leave a comment below or DM/mention @ricekwon or @bigbangupdates on Twitter. Thanks! 🙂


Source: Baidu | bigbangupdates
Korean to Chinese: 河碧, Siete GD 涅槃 @百度唯權志龍吧
Chinese to English: RICE @ bigbangupdates.com


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