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Jang Hyunseung thanks Big Bang members for their support

Big Bang and B2ST member Jang Hyun Seung‘s friendship has touched the hearts of many netizens.

Jang Hyun Seung tweeted on the 5th, “Truly thankful ungahdeul.. I’m so energized! Go! BEAUTIFUL SHOW..!”, and he revealed the photo above. (Ungahdeul: It’s a cute way of saying hyung in a plural form. It’s a slang btw.)

The photo shows a flower arrangement that Big Bang members have sent to congratulate B2ST’s concert. The messages are directed to Jang Hyun Seung, whom the Big Bang members have personal relationships with and the messages read, ‘Jang! Hyun! Seung! Jjang!’, ‘Big Bang Ungahdeul’, and ‘Our dongseng hwaiting crazy cheek’. The messages clearly show their brotherly love and it’s heartwarming to see that their friendship is still strong. (The last message could have been ‘Crazy Clown’, depending on what Big Bang tried to say).

Big Bang members and Jang Hyun Seung were all trainees in YG before either B2ST or Big Bang debuted. Jang Hyun Seung was eliminated in the final round of selection, but he later debuted triumphantly as a member of B2ST.

Netizens commented on the gift, “Ungahdeul lol cute”, “T.T I wanted to go to B2ST’s concert but I couldn’t make it..”, “Jang Hyun Seung really is jjang! Hwaiting”, “WOW they are still very close~ It’s so touching”, and so on.


Source: Nate | bigbangupdates
Translated by JJ@kpopfever.com

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