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All the Big Bang Members Transformations Just as Shocking as T.O.P’s!

With their comeback nearing on the 29th, Big Bang TOP’s teaser photo was released. It revealed the shocking new transformation and concept, leaving it up to netizens to foreshadow that the rest of the members’ hairstyles will be just as big of a transformation.

On the 6th, TOP revealed a photo of himself on the YG Entertainment blog where it showed his bright sky-blue hair and intense masculine beauty. As this photo first reached out to the online public, many fans began posting on their personal online blogs and/or SNS accounts saying, “TOP’s eyes and hair are so overwhelming and powerful” and “First the silver hair and now the blue hair, he can pull it off perfectly”.

But apparently, YG says this is only the beginning. During a phone call on the 6th with OSEN News, they garnered much more anticipation when they stated that, “The other members have most definitely taken the risk to transform into something just as shocking as TOP has. They have especially put forth a lot of effort in their hair to better surprise their fans.”

In addition, they have also added that, “A diverse spectrum of fashion for each member will also be seen throughout this new album,” and “Not only have we stressed on showing off the masculinity like we did with TOP, but we have also been planning many different concepts to reveal as well.”

The fans’ excitement has been growing as Bigbang’s comeback was officially signaled. There has been many inquiries if ‘Fantastic Baby’, which is on the top right-hand corner of the picture that was released, is the title track. However,YG has remained silent to this question.


Source: Stoo.com | bigbangupdates
translation: @big_seunghyun/swaggalevel-1000@tumblr.com and  Beau @ bigbangvip.net

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