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B.A.P sends personal thank you messages to fans

With their successful debut, B.A.P sent their appreciation messages, ‘Special Thanks To’, for their fans’ support through their official Facebook.

Fans are cheering the rookie group on after they debuted on February 6th, released their album, ‘Warrior’, and held a showcase. To repay back their fans’ support, each member left a sincere and emotional message.

The messages not only included the members’ personal thoughts, but also photos from their showcase on January 28th.

In addition, Bang Yong Guk, who is known for his blunt style, showed off a more tender side, calling his fans with the nickname, ‘baby’.

He thanked his fans with the message,

I can still hear the resonating cheers at the B.A.P’s stage, see the many light sticks in the showcase site, and hear the ringing whistle in my ear. Maybe this is all because of the excitement I approached it with, but I am losing sleep as if I am still dreaming a happy dream. The excessive love I am receiving is unbelievable. Not only am I, but the other members, are also happily thinking it over and thanking [fans]…There were many twists and turns in the course, in which B.A.P woke up within this difficult course. In that course, our reliable members smiled and became a force. I am very proud and thankful as the leader for the many friends and younger siblings that patiently endured and starting the cool flying.

In addition, Zelo, with his straight hairstyle and 15-year old youthfulness, attracted many fans’ interests, as he received over 1000 likes on Facebook.

Source : allkpop

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