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Archive for February 8, 2012

B2ST’s Junhyung & INFINITE’s L to cameo in ‘Salamander Guru’

B2ST‘s Junhyung and INFINITE‘s L will be making a cameo appearance in SBS’s sitcom, ‘Salamander Guru’.

On the episode scheduled to be broadcast on February 10th, Junhyung and L will guest-star as members of a “flower boy” trio of thieves along with SHINee‘s Minho.

The trio worked together in the past to hack into a wealthy home’s security system in order to steal a valuable painting. Although ‘Minhyuk’ (Minho) is trying to leave those dark days behind him, ‘Joker’ (Junhyung) and ‘L’ (L) are still living out their lives as thieves.

The two seek out Minho to collaborate with them once more. While Junhyung pins Minho to the ground and demands his cooperation, L, a gangster, easily handles those who try to come to Minho’s defense. As a result, the “flower boy” trio will embark on another mission to steal another valuable painting along with the ugly salamander gurus.


Se7en to hold a fan signing event in celebration of his new album

On February 10th, Se7en will be holding a fan signing event at the Yeongdeungpo-gu Time Square to meet his fans.

Se7en’s title track for his new mini-album, “When I Can’t Sing“, hit number one on various charts as soon as its release and proved his timeless worth. On February 5th, Se7en performed his comeback stage for SBS ‘Inkigayo’ and showcased a special performance, receiving widely positive feedback from viewers, netizens and fans.

Se7en put in a special effort for the new album as his personally programmed a promotion called “LUCKY DAYZ”. “LUCKY DAYZ” is a line up of various events for Se7en to reach his fans, and on last Sunday, Se7en went on a movie date with his fans as a part of the promotion program. This particular fan signing event was also requested by Se7en as for him to reach his fans a bit closer.

Se7en’s “LUCKY DAYZ” events will be continuing. On February 17th, Se7en will be traveling to Busan to meet his fans in the South and spend quality time.


INFINITE’s Woohyun celebrates his 21st birthday

INFINITE‘s Woohyun has shared a picture from his 21st birthday.

On February 7th, Woohyun uploaded the above picture onto his personal twitter and wrote, I got caught.

Much like how fellow member Dongwoo was surprised for his birthday, Woohyun seems to have gotten a sneak cake attack from his members in celebration.

Netizens responded to his picture saying, Happy birthday I love you! and Uh oh you got caught hehehe happy birthday!


CNBLUE tops the Oricon Weekly Chart – first for a foreign band in 41 years

Via tokyohive:

Korean rock band CNBLUE‘s 2nd major single “Where you are” sold 60,000 copies in its first week and topped the Oricon Singles Chart for the week of February 13th.

CNBLUE made their indie debut back in 2009 and released their major label debut single titled, “In My Head” last October.

A foreign band has not topped the singles chart for 41 years. It last occurred back in January 18, 1971, when Canadian rock band Mashmakhan released their single “As the Years Go By” under the name “Two in the fog“. CNBLUE is the fourth Korean male artist to have topped the Oricon Singles Chart following TVXQ, JEJUNG (Jaejoong) & YUCHUN (Yoochun) (from TVXQ), and Jang Geun Suk.

The full weekly charts for the week of February 13th has not yet been released.


Cho PD talks about Block B’s unique growth on ‘Lulu Lala’

Block B and their agency chief, Cho PD, recently appeared on MBC‘s ‘Lululala‘, where they showed off their entertainment skills.

Cho PD made his first foray into entertainment programs through ‘Lululala’, despite making his debut as a singer 14 years ago. I don’t have any regrets. Everyone including myself must make concessions to obtain good results, he expressed, demonstrating his dedication to helping Block B’s promotions as much as possible.

Cho PD also revealed that he gave permission for the Block B members to produce their own songs. Though there was some backlash from those who believed that it was a risky move, Cho PD persisted in making this happen.

As the head of Block B’s agency, Brandnew Stardom Entertainment, Cho PD got to witness firsthand the trials his group had to face during their debut period. When Block B debuted, I criticized the producers for not giving credit to the members who composed and produced the song; the producers responded by pulling out, taking their songs with them. It was an uncertain situation where the Block B members suffered a lot.


Big Bang to shoot new MV in New York + YG talks about Big Bang’s comeback and solo plans starting with Daesung

Yang Hyunsuk, producer and CEO of YG Entertainment, who just celebrated their 15th anniversary, remembers 2011 as a very difficult year. Daesung and G-Dragon, two friends who he has been taking care of since they were young, got involved in some troubles. Even though they’re better now, Yang admits that at that time, it was really difficult.

“Last year was the worst year for us. They were friends who I took care of from when they were 13, and even I, found it difficult. Those were my thoughts as a parent. When I was running YG for 15 years, I wanted to give the kids a lot of freedom. However, I started finding restriction important too.”

He says that since these never happened during his days with “Seotaeji and Boys“, he found it hard to handle. But what happened already happened and he had to quickly admit that and get over it. As YG said himself, he both disciplined and supported BIGBANG like a parent or an uncle, rather than an older brother, and that’s why he feels the most guilt towards BIGBANG.”

“Not only did I learn a lot, I feel BIGBANG did too. Last year, BIGBANG hardly went outside and just stayed together in the studio, making them closer to each other. If nothing happened, they probably would have spent more time outside the studio and not show this much determination. It became an extremely bitter, but the best medicine. Most singers find it difficult to stay together for 5 years but with them, time only made them stronger.”


Dal Shabet’s Subin tried to play it cool the first time she met Big Bang

On the February 7th episode of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, Dal Shabet member Subin shared a story about the first time she met idol group Big Bang.

Subin who was previously an extra in Taeyang‘s “I Need A Girl” MV played the role of a seductive female.

The Dal Shabet member remarked that she was on set of the MV shoot waiting for filming to begin, when she saw a bright light from one side of the room.

“There was this bright light on one side of the set, so I looked over and lo and behold, Big Bang’s Taeyang was over there,” she said. “I kicked myself for not trying harder that morning.”