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Se7en to hold a fan signing event in celebration of his new album

On February 10th, Se7en will be holding a fan signing event at the Yeongdeungpo-gu Time Square to meet his fans.

Se7en’s title track for his new mini-album, “When I Can’t Sing“, hit number one on various charts as soon as its release and proved his timeless worth. On February 5th, Se7en performed his comeback stage for SBS ‘Inkigayo’ and showcased a special performance, receiving widely positive feedback from viewers, netizens and fans.

Se7en put in a special effort for the new album as his personally programmed a promotion called “LUCKY DAYZ”. “LUCKY DAYZ” is a line up of various events for Se7en to reach his fans, and on last Sunday, Se7en went on a movie date with his fans as a part of the promotion program. This particular fan signing event was also requested by Se7en as for him to reach his fans a bit closer.

Se7en’s “LUCKY DAYZ” events will be continuing. On February 17th, Se7en will be traveling to Busan to meet his fans in the South and spend quality time.

Se7en posted on his me2day, It’s decided! This time I will be traveling to meet you in Busan~ I want to meet as many people as possible and say hello, but I hope you understand… Understand~ I think I’ll be reaching you next Friday with a fan signing event! The LUCKY DAYZ project will be continuing so keep your hopes up~!!“, and shared his will to continue these events.


Source: YG Entertainment | allkpop

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