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Co-Ed reveals the name of their male sub-unit

Pop group Co-Ed has just revealed the name of their male sub-unit!

The male unit has decided to promote under the name, ‘SPEED‘. The name is meant to express the group’s determination to keep moving forward without slowing down.

As reported earlier, the unit will be made up of six members — the five original members [Taewoon, Jungwoo, Kwang Haeng, Sungmin, In Oh (Noori)] as well as the newly recruited Shin Jongkook from ‘Superstar K3‘.

SPEED will be releasing their remake of T-ara‘s “Lovey Dovey“, “Lovey Dovey Plus”, on February 9th and the music video will be revealed on the 10th, which will feature T-ara’s Hwayoung as well as her twin, 5dolls‘ Hyoyoung.

SPEED stated, “As we approach the release date of ‘Lovey Dovey Plus’, we get more nervous and excited. We will become a SPEED who always tries our best.”


Source + Photo: Newsen | allkpop

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