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Who is the best ‘Valentine’s Day Star Couple’?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that means chocolate exchanges, romantic dinners, and flower bouquets for couples in love. Naturally, this includes celebrity couples as well, and netizens became curious to see which couple would stand out the most.

Music site ‘Monkey3‘ is famous for conducting online surveys, and they decided to hold another one in light of the upcoming holiday.

From February 2nd to the 8th, participants were asked, Which star couple would make Valentine’s Day shine the most?”

The top recipient was none other than Se7en and Park Han Byul!  The couple have been going out for 10 years, and so they collected 35 percent of the total votes, bumping off all other competitors.


Block B welcome fans into their dorm on ‘Mnet Wide’

The boys of Block B welcomed fans into their living space!

Mnet Wide‘ recently visited the dorm of Block B and the members revealed some never-before-seen secrets to their dorm, including some surprising possessions belonging to ‘baby face’ member Taeil.

Though these talented idols are young, they pride themselves in being responsible. They complete their household chores, but know how to include some ‘hip hop’ to their every day routine.

And as professional performers, Block B rehearses day and night to perfect their moves for their next live performance.


Se7en talks about T.O.P and Rain on Wide Entertainment

Se7en has been making his promotional rounds on various music programs since his successful return to the music scene with the Park Jin Young-produced single When I Can′t Sing, and no topic was off limits when he recently sat down with Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News.

The singer appeared on the February 9 broadcast of the show ahead of his M Countdown comeback on the same day where he revealed which YG artist he thought was the most handsome and talked about his relationship with singer Rain.

When asked whom he considered to be the most handsome artist in his agency, Se7en responded, “I personally like the way I look. I personally like my face.”

However, in the end, he decided to give first place to T.O.P, citing the Big Bang rapper’s “charismatic gaze” as one of his reasons.


Uhm Jung Hwa, “The greatest partner I’ve had is T.O.P”

Singer and actress, Uhm Jung Hwa, chose Big Bang’s TOP as the greatest partner she has ever worked with. During a recent interview on KBS 2TVEntertainment Weekly”, Uhm Jung Hwa gathered much attention when she chose TOP over her “Dancing Queen” (movie) partner and co-star, Hwang Jung Min.


Big Bang makes around 200 million won per day?

A report recently said that Big Bang is making 200 million won per day.

On February 9, LIG Investment & Securities Co. said that YG Entertainment is expected to earn 167 billion won in 2012, which is a 122.7 percent increase from last year, based on an “X-file about Entertainers from YG Entertainment.”

According to the “x-file“, even though Big Bang only worked for half of last year, they earned 29 billion won. The group is planning to hold their concert in March, which will make 4 billion won.

Big Bang will also be back performing on TV this year. They are expected to make 38 billion won with their concerts, 12 billion won by releasing their songs, and 5 billion won for shooting commercials. As a result, they are expected to make 78 billion won, which is doubled from last year.


New Idol Groups Survival Strategy: Reveal the Ace First

The saying “the early bird catches the worm” now applies to idol groups and their members as the showbiz industry has become a battlefield of idols. Entertainment agencies no longer try to hide their newest idol members. Rather, they fully utilize the “Early-bird” members, or the “Aces,” to make a group known to the public. The sooner a member of an upcoming idol group is revealed, the better chance the group has in surviving in the harsh industry. Different groups take different measures in revealing their aces and warming up to the public.