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Big Bang makes around 200 million won per day?

A report recently said that Big Bang is making 200 million won per day.

On February 9, LIG Investment & Securities Co. said that YG Entertainment is expected to earn 167 billion won in 2012, which is a 122.7 percent increase from last year, based on an “X-file about Entertainers from YG Entertainment.”

According to the “x-file“, even though Big Bang only worked for half of last year, they earned 29 billion won. The group is planning to hold their concert in March, which will make 4 billion won.

Big Bang will also be back performing on TV this year. They are expected to make 38 billion won with their concerts, 12 billion won by releasing their songs, and 5 billion won for shooting commercials. As a result, they are expected to make 78 billion won, which is doubled from last year.

This means that Big Bang is making 200 million won per day.

People responded: “They are making 8 million won per hour. That’s amazing.” “I wish I had sons like Big Bang members.” “Wow, they are so great.”

Big Bang will hold the ’2012 Big Bang Concert Big Show’ starting on March 2 through 4 at Olympic Park in Seoul.

(Via Google 200 million won = 178000 U.S. dollars)


Source: Xportnews | bigbangupdates
Translation from dkrogers@korea.com

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