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B.A.P’s Official Fan Club Name Revealed

Even before their explosive WARRIOR debut, B.A.P has been gaining a lot of popularity! With such popularity comes fans, and fans of course deserve a cool fan name! Now, it seems that B.A.P fans will no longer be nameless, as B.A.P and TS Entertainment seem to have come to a decision on what to call the fan club!

Here’s translation from TS Entertainment:

“Hello, this is TS ENT. We are announcing B.A.P’s official fan club name that many of you have inquired about and awaited for.
The fanclub’s name that has always supported B.A.P have been called  “BABY” by leader Bang Yongguk before debut, has been unanimously  determined “BABY” by every member.
From now on, on stage as well as all of B.A.P’s activities, we ask for the support and love from BABYs.
Thank you.”


Source & Rough Translation: kitty-kwon | hellokpop

Image: B.A.P official facebook


2 responses

  1. Afifah

    Can I know the web address/link of B.A.P official fanclub??

    March 3, 2012 at 12:53 pm

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