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4men to hold a romantic ‘White Day After Party’ concert

With Valentines Day approaching, both men and women are preparing for a romantic day filled with lots of love. In Korea however, Valentines Day is a day where females give presents to the males. The opposite known as ‘White Day‘, every March 14th, is the day where males give gifts to the females.

This year, 4men decided to give the gift of song by holding a concert on March 16-18th.

The ’4men Romantic- White Day After Party- March is the Sweetest Month‘ concert will take place at Seoul’s Olympic Park in the ‘Woori Finance Art Hall’.

Like their successful concert last year, this concert will also feature sweet ballads such as “I Can’t“, “Once While Living“, and even dance songs to show off the members’ various charms.

A representative from 4men’s label replied, “After finishing 4men’s first tour last year, fans kept inquiring for an encore concert, so we decided to have another concert in Seoul. With the (White Day) concept, you’ll be able to see a different side of our members, so please anticipate that”.

Meanwhile, in order to prepare for this concert, 4men’s Shin Young Jae will temporarily take a break to rest up after finishing his recording for KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Song 2′ on March 13th.


Source + Image: Naver | allkpop

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