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Lee Jae Hoon, “I gave my first kiss to miss A’s Suzy”

Actor Lee Jae Hoon recently said that he gave his first kiss to miss A’s Suzy.

On February 13, actors and staff members attended a press conference for the movie Introduction to Architecture in Seoul.

When Lee was asked when did he kiss for the first time in real life, he replied, “My first kiss? I gave my first kiss to Suzy. Even though it was in the movie, that was my first kiss in real life too.”

He added, “Of course I like Suzy the most among miss A members.”

He also talked about the reason he chose to appear in the movie, “I think the movie is very beautiful and warm. I decided to appear in the movie because I liked the scenario and director.”

The movie starts when Seo Yeon (played by Han Ga In, Suzy), Seung Min’s first love, visits Seung Min (played by Um Tae Woong, Lee), who is an architect, and asks him to renovate her old house. The movie, which will be released in March, is director Lee Yong Joo’s second movie.


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