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Sistar’s Bora and Ji Chang Wook’s paparazzi photo sparks interest

A recent paparazzi photo of Sistar‘s Bora and actor Ji Chang Wook startled netizens for a moment as they believed it to be proof of a real relationship.

On February 12th, the two-set photo was uploaded onto an online community board under the caption, “Bora, Ji Chang Wook.  What type of relationship?  Celebrity paparazzi photo at Cheongdam-Dong.”

However, the photo was actually reported to be taken during the film set for K.Will‘s “I Need You” music video.  Bora and Chang Wook starred in the video as lovers.  Nonetheless, the photos do remind you of a real couple.  With extremely cold temperatures in Korea lately, the two celebrities bundled themselves up in heavy clothing.

Netizens commented, Bora’s uncle fans are having a heartache“, “Thought they were really going out“, and A perfect couple.  They should really consider going out“.


Source + Photos: Osen| allkpop

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