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Archive for February 14, 2012

TEEN TOP proves to be a favorite idol group amongst today’s hottest female Hallyu stars

Boy group TEEN TOP seems to be the favorite idol group amongst today’s hottest female Hallyu stars.

It all started last year when singer Lee Hyori completed a photo shoot with TEEN TOP last year, and selected the boys as the idol group she would like as a younger partner.

Wonder Girls member Sohee sang praises for the boys saying, I am most interested in seeing the stage performances of TEEN TOP, while the members of miss A admitted that they were also fans, even suggesting a possible joint performance.

T-ara‘s Hyomin went as far as to admit that she thought member Niel was cute, stirring interest from fans and netizens everywhere.

And most recently, legendary singer Uhm Jung Hwa admitted on SBS Power FMChoi Hwa Jung’s Power Time‘ on February 9th, I like TEEN TOP. I think they are really cute these days.”

Source & Image: MyDaily | allkpop

B1A4′s CNU gets cast in KBS’s “I Need a Fairy”

B1A4‘s CNU (real name: Shin Dong Woo) will be stepping into the acting scene through KBS 2TV‘s new sitcom!


Big Bang unveils Daesung’s concept image for upcoming ‘Alive’ album!

With Big Bang‘s highly anticipated return inching closer, YG Entertainment has just escalated everyone’s excitement with a new concept photo featuring Daesung!


Naver Music to release smartphone app for Big Bang’s comeback

It has just been revealed that Naver will be teaming up with YG Entertainment in anticipation for Big Bang‘s upcoming album comeback! Through a new smartphone music app, the popular portal website will be warming up fans with exclusive previews up until the quintet’s comeback on February 29th.

The smartphone app will be available to people of all ages, and will tease users with sneak peeks of various tracks from the album, one-on-one interviews with the individual members for “Big Bang’s Talk”, a playlist made up of the members’ recommended songs “Big Bang’s Playlist”, and footage of the boys getting ready for their comeback on “Big Bang’s TV”, and more.

Today, Naver launched its official “BIGBANG IS BACK @NAVER MUSIC” website. Alongside various televised endorsements, the smartphone app will be officially released on February 17th to the public with teasers of “BLUE“, an upcoming album track, as well as other songs.

NHN marketing center’s Jo Hang Su said, “Since today’s youth uses TV and smartphones the most, we want to take on a new way of sending content out to the fans. We want people to get to know Naver music through the frequently updated Big Bang content.”


[UPDATED] C.N. Blue and F.T. Island to Hold Joint Concert in Los Angeles

[Feb 13] You can buy tickets now at Powerhouse (323-692-0303) and Ticketmaster. Tickets start from $50.


C.N. Blue and F.T. Island will hold a joint concert in Los Angeles!

Through CJ E&M‘s K-Pop concert brand, “M-Live,” C.N. Blue and F.T. Island will hold their joint concert at the Nokia Theater on March 9 at 8pm.

This is the first time that C.N. Blue and F.T. Island will hold a joint concert together, therefore, the expectations are very high.


Block B’s Gorilla Dance Version a Blockbuster Hit

Block B recently released a Gorilla Dance version for their song “Nanrina“.

After releasing their mini-album “Welcome to the Block” on February 2, the Gorilla Dance move featured in their title track “Nanrina” music video has quickly become the talk of the town.

The dance move and the attire that instantly hints at a gorilla has been gaining popularity even amongst elementary students.  It took a few months of modifications before the seven member group completed their gorilla dance to its current perfection.

BNS Entertainment states, “As the Hallyu Wave rises in popularity, fans making dance covers are popular, not just within Korea, but abroad as well.  It’s standard for a dance cover group to form as the singers rise in popularity.  As such, the requests from fans for a dance version of the music video is off the hook.  In response, we have prepared a dance version video for the fans to practice the gorilla dance.”