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Big Bang to use TV Commercials for Comeback Promotions (120214)

YG Entertainment has announced that they will be heralding Big Bang‘s grand comeback through TV commercials!

Big Bang has been causing a stir by releasing individual concept photos of each members everyday. Beginning on February 17th, they will be airing TV ads to fulfill a promise made days ago by YG about how Big Bang’s comeback “will be YG Entertainment’s biggest promotion yet.”

TV ads are a huge promotion technique usually used by large corporations, and cost at least a few billion won to produce. Due to the staggering receipts, TV ads have never been thought of for actual use in a singer’s promotions.

So far, Big Bang has produced 13 ads that will be aired for 13 days, with a new commercial being broadcasted every day. The ads will reveal a teaser clip of “Blue” (a track from Big Bang’s upcoming album), in addition to short interviews with the members, who will reveal their candid thoughts on their comeback.

Big Bang will also unleash a Naver application with many features, such as ‘Big Bang’s Talk’, ‘Big Bang’s Playlist’, ‘Big Bang’s TV’ and more. Fans will get to hear snippets from Big Bang’s album through this smartphone app, so it’s expected to become one of the hottest apps on the market.


Source: AKP | bigbangupdates

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