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Kim Yoo Jung of ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’ wishes to give T.O.P chocolates

Actress Kim Yoo Jung, who has publicly admitted to being a fan of Big Bang‘s T.O.P, displayed her deep affection for the sexy rapper yet again for Valentine’s Day.

Kim Yoo Jung recently guest-featured on the February 14th Valentine’s Day special of MBC FM4UHur Soo Kyung’s Music Village‘.

When a listener called in and guessed that Yoo Jung would most likely pick T.O.P as the idol she would give chocolates to this Valentine’s Day, Kim Yoo Jung did not deny it for a second.

“I like Big Bang a lot,” she said. “I would actually like to gift all the members with chocolate, not just T.O.P.”

When asked if she had ever met Big Bang in person, Kim Yoo Jung answered that she did. “I told them I was a fan of theirs, and I took pictures with them,” she said. “I couldn’t even talk once I got in front of them.”

In related news, Kim Yoo Jung is receiving praise for her stable acting abilities in ‘Moon That Embraces The Sun‘.

The young star has good taste! Which idol star would you like to give chocolates to?


Source & Image : MyDaily | bigbangupdates
Taken from: ALLKPOP

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