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Archive for February 17, 2012

Super Junior’s Hankyung rumored to be dating Chinese actress Jiang Kai Tong

Rumors of Super Junior‘s Hankyung (28) dating a Chinese actress named Jiang Kai Tong (23) have been spreading like wildfire.

Speculations arose after February 12th, when a Chinese netizen posted on their Weibo (a Chinese SNS service), “Hankyung has left for the Maldives with Jiang Kai Tong and her parents.”

The netizen also posted a snapshot as evidence and wrote, “This is a photo that shows Hankyung leaving the airport to head off to Maldives.”

Later, another netizen claimed, “On the night of February 4th, I saw Hankyung buying a ticket at a movie theater in Mudanjiang.” Remembering that Jiang Kai Tong had posted pictures on her Weibo on February 1st that indicated that she was in Mudanjiang, netizens commented, “Maybe he was on a date with Jiang Kai Tong?”


Big Bang unveils G-Dragon’s image teaser + interview clip

Big Bang has just unveiled their final image teaser, this time featuring member G-Dragon!

Big Bang’s leader finalizes the dramatic theme previously established by T.O.P , Daesung, Taeyang, and Seungri with his A-line haircut.

Unlike the other members’ photos, there’s no hospital equipment to be found. Instead, G-Dragon posed with frozen snow on his face and hair — indicating that the boys were recently resuscitated back to the (warm) spotlight after a cold, death-like spell.

YG Entertainment has also released a 30-second video clip featuring a short interview with G-Dragon himself. In his video, G-Dragon talked about the mentality he adopted when he had to overcome his obstacles.


Additional teaser photos of G-Dragon unveiled

Earlier today, Big Bang‘s maknae Seungri shared a new teaser image of the group’s leader G-Dragon via his me2day page along with the words, ‘GD is Alive‘.


Why fans are excited for Big Bang’s comeback

At the end of February, another popular idol group, Big Bang will make a come back to the music scene.

Big Bang will release their fifth mini album with a total of 7 songs on the 29th and it will  officially mark  their comeback. As one of the most popular idol groups at the moment, the comeback of Big Bang is extraordinarily meaningful to their fans.

Ever since their debut in 2006, Big Bang has enjoyed great fame in Korea and abroad but last year, some members had faced controversial issues which brought crisis to their team. While the members were facing this crisis, others had devoted themselves to making music. The songs which they composed during this period of time will also be included in the new mini album after careful selection.

Therefore, the expectation that this new album will rewrite the record of their first album is raised. There are various reasons that Big Bang can really meet the high expectation of the public.

Big Bang hits the streets of New York

A user of an online community website updated a series of photos under the title ‘Big Bang in Harlem, New York’.

Big Bang flew over to New York on February 9 to shoot the music video for its upcoming fifth mini album, to be released on February 29.

In the photos, Big Bang is shown hitting the streets of New York, decked out in a mish-mash of colors and styles that, frankly, defy description.

Netizens who saw the photos left comments such as ‘I’m looking forward to Big Bang’s new song’ and ‘So shocking. There’s an aura I don’t dare approach.’


YG Reveals Big Bang Will be Promoting a Total of 6 Title Tracks?

President Yang Hyun Suk, of YG Entertainment, has another update for fans regarding Big Bang’s comeback.