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Archive for February 18, 2012

Will Big Bang really be able to promote six songs simultaneously?

It was previously reported that top Hallyu group Big Bang are planning a comeback with a total of six title tracks. This has caused industry insiders to wonder how they will implement such a demanding promotion plan. It also begs the question of how successful they will be with this kind of unprecedented project.

In the past, singers who have had more than one title track has experienced a narrowing down to one main song, depending on the response of the public. For instance, when a comebacks features two or three title songs, the public is quick to determine their favorite track, which causes an automatic shift in promotions towards the popular song.

It seems that Big Bang aren’t deterred by such a history, for it’s been reported that they’re pulling out all the stops to ensure a successful six song blitz. They are planning a number of music videos that will showcase each song’s color and concept, and they have devised a plan that will allow them to overcome the two-song limit of TV promotions.

The individual members are also ready for the challenge. For each song, they have prepared a performance and concept that will let each members show off their unique colors. Furthermore, they have expressed their determination to allow each song to properly shine and prevent the bottleneck effect for one song.


“WE” members reminisce about their days with Taeyang & Shinhwa

Past November, R&B Hip Hop song “Rain” was released by the group WE. This coming 21st, WE will be coming back with “Party.”

Their comeback date is the same as Big Bang and Shin Hwa. Surprisingly however, the members of WE are not nervous. They are actually the exact opposite. It turns out, the members of WE have unique connections to members of ShinHwa.

Mandu used to be a professional choreographer and at one point trained Tae Yang. Mandy stated, “Tae Yang and I stood on stage as singer and dancer. It’s unbelievable that we’ll both be on stage as singers. I’ll have to work very hard to make sure I don’t embarrass myself next to Tae Yang.”

Kang Han used to be a member of SM in the past and knew the members of Shin Hwa. He stated, “I used to practice with members of Shin Hwa in SM together. It’ll be such an honor to be able to perform on the same stage. I want to make them proud.”

Daesung’s Naver Music Interview (20120218)

Interviewer: How have you been?
Daesung: We had received the award ‘World Wide Act’ on EMA last year. It was a first that an Asian got a prize on EMA. We saw that award ceremony when we were still just a trainee. So it felt like a dream. I had YG Family Concerts in Korea and Japan with YG Family. These days, I’m doing my best for this album, ALIVE.

Interviewer: What is BIGBANG to you?
Daesung: BIGBANG is my family. We are so close to each other. We have so many good things. When we have problem, I want to say sorry to them. When we are happy, I want to say thank you to them. We are five but I feel that we are also one.

Interviewer: Tell me about ALIVE’s meaning.
Daesung: We are not really old but we have been BIGBANG for 6 years now. We have already shown various performances. People got accustomed to our music. So we want to show them, our talent, musical trial and passion are still ALIVE. Not dead.

Interviewer: Someone says that it’s too early to come out. How do you think about it?
Daesung: I was so worried about that. I told Yang Hyunsuk, who is my boss, about my worries a lot. I gave a lot of thought about that matter. BIGBANG is a singer. We always tell them everything we want to express through our music. People express their feelings through crying or anger. We express it through music. Of course we need to have time for self-restraint and self-reflection but that period is not permanent. I want to share them about my emotion but care/worry sits heavily on me. I know it’s early to come out but it’s also right tim. I know that everyone can’t agree on the same thing. We have a burden that we have to share. We want to share our good music to them.


G-Dragon interview on Naver (20120217)

Interviewer: It has been a long time. How have you been?
GD: I’ve been fine. I spent my time with my family. Prepared for this album and spent some time thinking this and that.

I: What is your thought about singers? I wonder, what do you think about your figure?
GD: Well, when I was a young boy, I thought singers are cool. That’s why I wanted to be a singer in my early years. I think Bigbang is cool. Not being on the stage, but also in real life. I don’t mean that they are handsome and tall. I mean they got swag. There are so many things that I have to learn as a friend, a young brother, and an older brother. It makes me a burden because I’m a leader but it also makes me try to push myself.

I: What is your biggest stress/pressure?
GD: Preparing for the next album. It is one of biggest pressure to me because the next album is more important than the last one. When I had to prepare for the last album, ‘TONIGHT’, I thought “This is the most important album!” When I prepared for this album, I thought “This album is the most important one!” Maybe I will think again the same when I prepare for a new album. It is also one of my pleasant worries. I was pulsating. Well, I don’t know. Last year, ‘TONIGHT’ was my favorite album. And now it’s ‘BLUE’. My taste in music changes continuously and I share it to people. I wonder what they will say to me after they listen to it and what part they like the most. I’m going well.

I: Bigbang sings mainly about LOVE.
GD: I think many Korean think about love a lot and they want comfort. When you hear music, you think that “Oh this lyrics is what I have in mind.” or when you are sad, you hear the music and cry. That’s why music is powerful.

Big Bang to promote all tracks off mini album

Two days before, YG had revealed through its official blog that Blue and Bad Boy would be promoted as double titles. The day after, however, it added the title track markings to Love Dust and Fantastic Baby, and finally on February 17 it added No Fun and Wing to the title track list, making all of the songs, excluding the intro, title songs for the album.

The words ‘double title songs’ have often been used to mean that two songs would be promoted as the main single cuts from an album, but announcing that all of the tracks from a single album will be promoted as ‘title’ songs is a rare feat not only in Korea, but also overseas.

The new challenge is adding to the weight on Big Bang’s shoulders for its comeback, heightening anticipation for what type of new music and styles it will showcase.

Many idol groups disband or retire when they reach their fifth year. Big Bang also met its biggest crisis in 2011, its 5th year, as it endured many big incidents.