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Big Bang to promote all tracks off mini album

Two days before, YG had revealed through its official blog that Blue and Bad Boy would be promoted as double titles. The day after, however, it added the title track markings to Love Dust and Fantastic Baby, and finally on February 17 it added No Fun and Wing to the title track list, making all of the songs, excluding the intro, title songs for the album.

The words ‘double title songs’ have often been used to mean that two songs would be promoted as the main single cuts from an album, but announcing that all of the tracks from a single album will be promoted as ‘title’ songs is a rare feat not only in Korea, but also overseas.

The new challenge is adding to the weight on Big Bang’s shoulders for its comeback, heightening anticipation for what type of new music and styles it will showcase.

Many idol groups disband or retire when they reach their fifth year. Big Bang also met its biggest crisis in 2011, its 5th year, as it endured many big incidents.

A rep from YG said, “After the incidents, the Big Bang members have been regretting their actions and have concentrated only on their music in the studio. Thanks to that, they were able to come up with satisfactory results, so satisfactory that all of the songs from the album were deemed title songs.”

Big Bang recently filmed the music video for Blue and Bad Boy in New York. Although the shoot was kept strictly under wraps, local paparazzi swarmed to capture the members on film ever since they stepped foot in the airport, surprising even the local bodyguards.

Because there are no legal measures that can be taken against paparazzis, news of Big Bang’s music video shoot made it into overseas internet websites, proving that Korea wasn’t the only country that was interested in Big Bang’s upcoming album.

Big Bang’s mini album will be released on February 29, and the single Blue will be released beforehand on February 22.

A preview of Blue will be provided on February 17 through a 30 second preview on Naver Music and also through the TV commercials that will show how the Big Bang members feel about their comeback.

Big Bang plans to start off its promotion in Seoul with its Seoul concert from March 2-4, and will continue to meet fans around the world with its world tour, Big Bang Alive Tour 2012.


Source: Enewsworld.com | bigbangupdates

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