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Daesung’s Naver Music Interview (20120218)

Interviewer: How have you been?
Daesung: We had received the award ‘World Wide Act’ on EMA last year. It was a first that an Asian got a prize on EMA. We saw that award ceremony when we were still just a trainee. So it felt like a dream. I had YG Family Concerts in Korea and Japan with YG Family. These days, I’m doing my best for this album, ALIVE.

Interviewer: What is BIGBANG to you?
Daesung: BIGBANG is my family. We are so close to each other. We have so many good things. When we have problem, I want to say sorry to them. When we are happy, I want to say thank you to them. We are five but I feel that we are also one.

Interviewer: Tell me about ALIVE’s meaning.
Daesung: We are not really old but we have been BIGBANG for 6 years now. We have already shown various performances. People got accustomed to our music. So we want to show them, our talent, musical trial and passion are still ALIVE. Not dead.

Interviewer: Someone says that it’s too early to come out. How do you think about it?
Daesung: I was so worried about that. I told Yang Hyunsuk, who is my boss, about my worries a lot. I gave a lot of thought about that matter. BIGBANG is a singer. We always tell them everything we want to express through our music. People express their feelings through crying or anger. We express it through music. Of course we need to have time for self-restraint and self-reflection but that period is not permanent. I want to share them about my emotion but care/worry sits heavily on me. I know it’s early to come out but it’s also right tim. I know that everyone can’t agree on the same thing. We have a burden that we have to share. We want to share our good music to them.

Interviewer: Tell me about BLUE.
Daesung: ‘Sky Blue’ gives us good feelings but our’BLUE’, it is more like dark blue. It symbolizes longing, sorrow, pain and so on. We miss someone who’s already gone in this song. First lyrics are “Winter is gone, spring is come…” I think that Blue’s lyrics are really good. I felt that the same when I sang this song. Blue have two sensation; Hope and loneliness. Its melody is really lyrical and sad. I think it is also the right song to come out this time.


Source:Naver | bigbangupdates
Translation: @yeonpop
Edit by @jinhichole18

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