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Will Big Bang really be able to promote six songs simultaneously?

It was previously reported that top Hallyu group Big Bang are planning a comeback with a total of six title tracks. This has caused industry insiders to wonder how they will implement such a demanding promotion plan. It also begs the question of how successful they will be with this kind of unprecedented project.

In the past, singers who have had more than one title track has experienced a narrowing down to one main song, depending on the response of the public. For instance, when a comebacks features two or three title songs, the public is quick to determine their favorite track, which causes an automatic shift in promotions towards the popular song.

It seems that Big Bang aren’t deterred by such a history, for it’s been reported that they’re pulling out all the stops to ensure a successful six song blitz. They are planning a number of music videos that will showcase each song’s color and concept, and they have devised a plan that will allow them to overcome the two-song limit of TV promotions.

The individual members are also ready for the challenge. For each song, they have prepared a performance and concept that will let each members show off their unique colors. Furthermore, they have expressed their determination to allow each song to properly shine and prevent the bottleneck effect for one song.

A representative of YG Entertainment was quoted as saying, It will not be an easy promotion, but we are carefully planning various strategies so that all of Big Bang’s songs will be able to show off their unique styles.”


Source & Image: OSEN | bigbangupdates
Translation: AKP

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