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T.O.P Interview from High Cut (Volume 71) Part 2/2

(Joint interview between Soh CD & TOP)
Not long ago, TOP made a surprise appearance at Gummy’s ‘I am a Singer’ stage. How was it like being on the show?
I was on the show because I heard that Gummy noona didn’t get number 1 in the previous competition, so I had a “I must make her number 1” thought. In the end, she got a really good score (number 1) so I felt satisfied. Actually if ‘I’ am a Singer’ was my own stage, I would be very nervous but since I was there only to help so I told myself not to worry. After I finished the stage for ‘Rascal’, I really did end up becoming one.
Lee Mi-Suk sunbae-nim said on ‘Healing Camp’ that she would like to act with you. When will you make your comeback as an actor again?
It’s not like that, but the after I finished recording for ‘I am A Singer’, I randomly saw Lee Mi-Suk sunbae-nim on ‘Healing Camp’. As a matter of fact, I said on a variety show before that “it’s tiring having photoshoots with Lee Mi-Suk sunbae-nim” as a way to be funny, but it became too exaggerated and I regretted saying that. It will definitely be an honor to act with Lee Mi-Suk sunbae-nim. As for my acting, I have a few projects on hand but because BIGBANG’s album release has been pushed to an earlier date, so my entire focus is on the album right now. If there are any other good projects and if our timing is the same, then I definitely want to act together no matter what.
Do you have any intention of releasing a solo album?
There’s nothing much to say about my solo album. I will release it when I think I’m ready. To be honest, I have already created lots of songs but I think I should work on them a bit more. I’m working on my confidence too and it’s slowly increasing. If I can’t produce an album that will make people surprised, then I don’t think there’s a need to produce one. First of all, I want to worry less starting from January, 2012 (laughs).
What was the combined effect of meeting FUBU and TOP for the first time?
Soh CD: I’ve always worked on my own brand and have presented my collection before but there’s a lot of restrictions on a personal brand. There’s a limit on how many people you know and what kind of level they’re on. Since I wanted to know more people to exchange ideas, that’s why I was determined to work with FUBU. TOP is a very popular celebrity and because FUBU wanted to try something new so I wanted to work with TOP to create that image.
We’ve already heard that you’ll be working with Hello Kitty in May. It seems a bit surprising?
Soh CD: It’ll be my first time working with Hello Kitty in the clothing aspect. As of now, a lot of people still have a biased perception on what is hip-hop. In Korea, many people think that baggy pants represent hip-hop culture but nowadays, not a lot of hip-hop stars wear clothes like that anymore. I want to change this perception as soon as I can, so I think this collaboration will have a completely different meaning. Hopefully this will raise FUBU’s popularity in the spring time.
TOP: Collaborating with pop art is become a world trend and this will produce a lot of different elements. I wouldn’t have this thought if Soh CD wasn’t collaborating with Hello Kitty. CD & TOP will transform FUBU, haha.
I’ve wanted to ask this in the beginning already, but you two seem quite close?
Soh CD: I’ve met him once by chance and we said our greetings to each other. G-Dragon came to my fashion show before, and TOP’s good friends – Lee Hyuk soo and 2NE1’s stylist, Yang Seung Ho were models for my runway show too so we met like that.
TOP: Actually I’m not the type of person to watch runway shows. I only heard about (Soh CD). I met him in a surprising environment. The first time I said hi to him was 3 months ago at a wine bar that I always frequent (they both laugh). We kept talking and talking and that’s how we became so close. The problem is I don’t really remember what we talked about. Just now, hyung (Soh CD) looked at me and said “It’s a bit embarrassing seeing each other during the day”.
You always change hairstyles and the fans love it, but is your hair getting scarce? Doesn’t your hair and scalp get damaged?
This just proves that I’m still at a healthy age. I still have a lot of hair but surprisingly I can’t grow a mustache. It feels like I haven’t passed puberty yet (laughs). It’s only started to grow a bit these days….I usually shave my mustache once every 2 months.
Finally, say something about your plan for 2012.
TOP: BIG BANG will hold its world tour soon so the plans for the rest of the year have already been scheduled. It looks like we’ll be very busy. We’re now preparing some surprising and happy news that can’t be revealed yet, so please look forward to it.
Soh CD: FUBU and Hello Kitty is preparing their collaboration and my aim is to transform FUBU to a brand full of liveliness.
Source: 마네임G@BBVIPZ + BIGBANGFAMILY | bigbangupdates
Translation: jwalkervip.tumblr.com

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